Mom Begs Parents To Stop Making Classroom Gift Bags For Every Single Holiday

Just send your kid with normal paper valentines, please!

One mom on TikTok has had about enough of it all and is calling for changes when it comes to classro...
Renee Reina / TikTok

Hot take: the millennial generation has taken on the hardest time in parenting, meaning that sports, school, parenting styles, etc. are so out of control and extra. Rec sports are no more, and kids need to start on traveling teams before kindergarten. Social media inundates millennial parents with every single thing they need to do and not do when it comes to raising a healthy, well-adjusted human, and school spirit weeks and classroom holiday parties are so freaking extra.

One mom on TikTok has had about enough of it all and is calling for changes when it comes to classroom holiday parties including the end of gift bags.

“Parents of little kids, can we stop making full-on gift bags for every kid in the class for every single holiday?” Renee Reina begged in her viral TikTok video.

“When I was growing up, it was Valentine's Day cards. That's it. Now, every single holiday Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, it's like my child comes home with a full-on gift bag from every other kid in the class.”

“We bought the teachers gifts, that's normal, but every single kid in the class, a gift bag plus birthday parties, another gift bag, like how many gift bags do we need?”

She’s not wrong. On the last day of school before winter break, my daughter came home with several gifts from kids in her class including bubbles, blocks, and coloring books.

At a time when I was going through everything in our house to declutter and purge before a large Christmas present haul, I was annoyed by the gifts. Call me ungrateful, but I just didn’t see a need for all this extra stuff from the Target Dollar Spot. It’s junk.

And honestly, it just feels so extra. Like okay other moms (because we know it’s mostly moms), calm down, please — you’re making me look bad because I just sent my kid with Paw Patrol valentines that I got at the Dollar Tree the night before.

The reactions were mixed on Reina’s opinion. Some TikTok users defended the “extra” moms, claiming parents can do whatever they want to do for kids.

“I love doing it because sometimes that’s the only ‘gift’ some kids are receiving. It may be one or 2 nicer things and some candy but I love it!!❤️” one mom wrote.

“I healing my inner child. Wasn’t allowed to celebrate anything growing up. You know I’m passing out goody bags all year round,” another echoed.

“I do it because I know it makes the kids happy 🤷🏻‍♀️,” another pointed out.

Another sided with the “pro-gift bag” crew and said, “no because some kids never get gifts. growing up I looked forward to these”

Other people agreed with the OP, saying that parents were taking things way too far.

“Yup! And it’s all stuff that ends up in the garbage,” one user wrote.

“I literally refuse to go all out for school stuff. It’s too expensive and too much work,” another wrote.

“Three kids deep here and you just learn not to care 😅 If Becky wants to make gift bags - go for it girl! My kids are giving out the cards/sucker LOL,” another said.

One teacher chimed in and wrote, “As a kindergarten teacher I can’t agree more!!!!!!! And when one starts they all start! The pressure parents must feel! Please don’t!!!” You heard the woman. Stop the madness!