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This Golden Retriever & Black Cat Mother-Daughter Duo Are The Best Thing On The Internet

The way they hype each other up is goals!

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A mom is going viral for completely supporting her goth daughter's fashion choices, even on Thanksgi...
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Raising teenagers is not for the weak. Parents of tweens and teens know that the energy their kid gives off can change on a dime, and there’s always a battle to be fought. Kids test boundaries. They experiment with different looks and clothing styles (some of which may make a conventional or conservative mom wince).

However, one mom has taken a different approach to parenting her teen, and it involves just totally embracing who her daughter is and how she chooses to dress — despite their obvious differences in style.

Kari Boetcher, @mrskarib, embraces her “golden retriever” demeanor as well as her teen daughter’s “black cat” energy. Kari, dressing in more traditional clothing with gorgeous long, blonde hair, dances alongside her daughter, Kelly, who opts for a darker aesthetic, including black hair, clothes, and lipstick.

In one video, Kari dances wildly while Kelly stands behind her, subtly bopping along to the music and sipping some iced coffee. Kelly watches her mom emphatically dance before walking out of frame.

“Golden retriever & black cat duo >>>>>>>>>>>,” Kari wrote in text overlay on the video.

After the video went viral with over 2.1 million views, TikTok users commented on the mother-daughter duo’s contrasting personalities that somehow fit perfectly.

“I’ts giving I’m not a regular mom I’m a COOL MOM,” one user wrote.

“Girlll i thought Y’all were sisters until I went on your page. YOU’RE HER MOM ???” another asked.

“Are you her mom or her friend?” one user asked.

The OP replied, “I’m both 🥰”

In another video, Kari shared a moment where she hyped up her daughter’s Thanksgiving look.

As her daughter descends the stairs, Kari asks her teen, “Is that what you're wearing for Thanksgiving?”

“Yeah...” Kelly responds hesitantly.

Kari exclaims, “ I love it! Okay, do the spin, do the spin. My gosh, where did you get this sweater?”

The two go back and forth about how cute her outfit is, instilling confidence and a safe space for her daughter despite her Thanksgiving look not being what some other moms may find “traditional” for the holiday.

Comments from followers flooded in from users who found the sweet mother-daughter moment healing.

“When a Mom says, ‘Is that what you're wearing?’ I get instant anxiety but this was awesome. 10/10,” one user wrote.


Another user wrote, “Can I just say, the way your response just literally healed part of my teenage/emo heart from way back in the day! I NEVER got a nice reaction like this, so for all of us who very much could’ve used a kind word from our parents, thank you so much! 💜”

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