Every Sports Parent Needs This Heated Folding Chair Immediately

by Thea Glassman
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A red-black heated folding chair with yellow arrows present the heat paths of the chair
Image via Chaheati

There’s a heated folding chair that will keep you oh so snug during sports games

You love watching your kids play sports. Really, you do. But sitting outside in the freezing cold for hours on end? Yeah, not so much. Allow us to introduce you to an accessory that is about to change your youth sports specatating life forever. Meet: the heated folding chair.

The Chaheati MAXX Heated Chair is here to make every single baseball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, and football game so, so much better. It comes with three temperature settings so you can adjust the booty warmth based on your level of chilliness and it’s element resistant. Also, the chair comes complete with an easy push button control and has a USB port so you can charge your phone. Endless sports events, you’ve met your match.

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That means your cell will never, ever die during these sports games and you won’t be forced to stare into space while your kid isn’t playing. Wins all around. You can snag it in black with accents of red (plus cup holders for coffee and its BFF more coffee).

Image via Chaheati

Or red with accents of black if that’s more your style:

Image via Chaheati

Want to take your outdoor sporting event weather proofing to the next level? Like, the really, really next level? You can literally sit in a weather-proof pod during sports games. It’s made from water and wind resistant polyester, has a full zip door, and is super easy to both open and close. The other parents will only make fun of you a little bit (okay, a lot).

Image via Under the Weather Pods

There’s also a pod designed exclusively for wheelchairs users.

Image via Under the Weather Pods

And a pod with a mesh zip up compartment if that’s more your type of thing. Like, if you need to avoid a particularly obnoxious set of fellow sports parents, we honestly can’t think of a better way to hide from them — and avoid adverse weather at the same time.

Image via Under the Weather Pods

Annnnd there’s even a pod designed for entire groups of people. Yup, your whole clan of spectating family and friends can sit together in a weatherproof pod and take in the game without getting completely drenched. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW, HUH?

Image via Under the Weather Pods

It may be pouring outside but it’ll be all sunshine and daisies and rainbows from where you’re sitting.

Here’s to drastically improved sporting events that don’t involve you leaving the field very cold, very wet, and very cranky. Try not to be too smug when the other moms didn’t have the foresight to buy a heated chair and zip themselves into a private tent like you did. Whatever the score of the game, you’re coming away a very big (and dry) winner.

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