9 Things Your Husband Does That Should Be Sexy But Aren't

by Lisa Newlin
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Most of us marry our husband not only because we love him (hopefully) but because we also find him sexy—at least in some capacity. It’s not necessarily every second of every day that we find him irresistible, but sometimes one look at your man can make you swoon.

Unfortunately, there are also times when your man may look less-than-desirable, and not just because he’s wearing a t-shirt from college, jorts and a pair of Crocs (although that certainly doesn’t help). Sometimes husbands do things that, despite their best efforts, make us cringe and wonder how the sexy man we normally know suddenly morphed into someone we can’t help but turn away from.

If you’ve ever felt that way about your beloved, it’s OK. Most of us have. It doesn’t mean you love him any less. It just means you’re normal and don’t find his tweezing nose hairs to be a turn-on. Body hair issues aside, here are a few things most husbands do that should be attractive, but just aren’t.

Just. No.

1. Working out next to you at the gym on the elliptical machine.

Normally, your man sweating is attractive, as is when he works on his fitness. However, something about him flipping through a magazine while sweating and breathing like he’s giving birth just isn’t attractive. He should stick to the treadmill. Alone.

2. Cleaning the toilet. You want to find this sexy. You really do. But whenever he’s in the bathroom, you immediately fear he’s going to leave a lasting aroma, and seeing him bent over the toilet just reminds you of your college days.

3. Wearing skimpy underwear. In an effort to get your juices flowing, your husband might decide to spice things up and throw on something skimpy and revealing. Unfortunately, this typically backfires, as seeing his junk shoved into a male thong just doesn’t do it for you. It’s not that you aren’t a fan of his package—you just prefer it to be wrapped better. Like in more layers of fabric.

4. Doing the grocery shopping. Everyone hates going grocery shopping, so the thought of him stocking up the pantry should make you all atwitter. Unfortunately, those leafy greens and apples never make it to his cart, and he usually just comes home with chips and dip. So. Much. Dip.

5. Wanting to watch the same TV shows as you. Although it sounds great, it’s frustrating since you just want to watch your stories at your own pace. You definitely don’t want to be told how Matthew Crawley dies. You didn’t even know he dies AND THAT’S WHY THIS ISN’T SEXY!

6. Doing the laundry. Of course, it should be sexy that your man wants to get down and dirty with the laundry. It should be sexy to watch him pour that fabric softener in nice and slow. But it’s just not, mostly because he likes to wash reds, whites and blues together because he thinks it’s patriotic. It’s not. It’s just red, white and mess.

This might actually be sexy if done right, but since that’s never happened, it isn’t at all.

7. Shopping with you for clothes. Although it sounds super sexy to think that your husband would want to support you in finding that perfect outfit, unfortunately, the only support you need when trying on dresses is Spanx, and that’s not something you want him to see you in. Ever.

8. Getting things off the top shelf. He means well, but whenever he does this it just reminds you that you’re short and can’t reach things. It’s also an unfortunate reminder that he needs a new belt.

9. Putting the kids to bed. Oh, wait. No. That’s the sexiest thing ever.

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