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'I Don't Want To Have Sex Again But I Want A Second Baby'

In the latest Confessions roundup, 15 parents vent about pinkeye, parenting with the flu, and “vacations” with kids.

by Emma Coburn
Scary Mommy/Getty

We all know little kids can get sick a lot — but for many of us, it’s a little bit of a shock to realize that this means parents tend to get sick more, too. And parenting while sick, well... let’s just say it’s not much fun. Pinkeye? In both eyes? No thank you. And as one reader puts it, “Parenting when you have the flu should be illegal.” There’s plenty of other stuff going on in the Scary Mommy Confessional, too. Read on for what people have to say about sex, pregnancy, summer “vacation,” and general end-of-school-year stress.

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My husband is antisocial and we don’t have a lot of money: I always have to tell people no.

Confessional #66172991

Slept with my toxic ex was f*cking amazing still feel like sh*t about it

Confessional #61728819

I’m annoyed at my dad for prioritizing his GF’s family over mine...again & again

Confessional #61782991

We don’t want more kids right now, but I was disappointed to not be pregnant this month

Confessional #61729010

I don’t want to be room mom and the stress of getting teacher gifts

Confessional #61892090

When do kids stop bringing home germs?? I have pink eye in both eyes thanks to my 12 year old!! Gah

Confessional #61790198

Hubs is going to Vegas. First time alone with my 5mo and 3yo. I’m terrified.

Confessional #61782819

I don’t love summer break - my ADHD kids thrive with routine + my in-laws pressure more time together

Confessional #61729381

I desperately wish we had family to help with kids. Haven’t been on a date since January.

Confessional #61527819

I’m pregnant w/ twins, with a 4 year old & 1.5 year old and I am TERRIFIED. How do we do this?!

Confessional #61728819

Are vacations with kids really worth it?

Confessional #65527381

Parenting when you have the flu should be illegal

Confessional #61526471

My in-laws do nothing for my son, why should I share my son with my in-laws?

Confessional #61552738

I’m sick of parenting my middle kid right now.

Confessional #61662738

I don’t want to have sex again but I want a second baby

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