NFL Free Agent Isaac Rochell Has A Message For All Dads: You're Not A Babysitter

He also lists the questions a dad should *never* ask a mom.

NFL free agent and dad, Issac Rochell, wants all men to know the difference between a dad and a baby...
Issac Rochell / TikTok

When I leave for a weekend trip or a girl’s night out, I never worry about my husband calling or texting me with questions about our daughter. He knows her just as well as I do. He knows when bedtime is and how she likes her hot dogs cut. This is because he is an active parent, involved in the small things not just the big things.

As NFL free agent and dad, Issac Rochell, puts it: my husband is a dad, not a babysitter.

In a viral video, Rochell, who shares a child with partner Allison Kuch takes on a teaching role, instructing his followers on how to be a dad and what questions to never ask a wife who is out trying to have some “me time.”

“Dads, when you're taking care of your kid, can you leave your girl alone? You can handle it on your own. She's kind of tired of hearing from you, and here's why: because you're babysitting. You don't babysit. You're just being a dad,” Rochell says.

For those men wondering if they’re a babysitter or a dad, Rochell made it super easy, listening out some of the major questions that a babysitter would ask that a dad should be able to answer.

“How many ounces do they need? You should already know that. Figure it out. How long do they nap for? How do you not know how long they nap for? Figure it out. Can you tell me where the onesies are at? Leave her alone. She doesn't want to talk to you. She's trying to relax,” he says.

Finally, Rochelle advises the number one question that a dad should never, ever ask his wife: “When are you coming home?”

“Fellas, if your girl leaves the house, you're taking care of the baby. Give her some time to breathe. You're going to be happier, and it'll get you closer to baby number two. Just saying. This is a good section of the whiteboard. ‘Things a dad asks when they're alone taking care of the baby.’ It's blank. We're not doing this anymore. Dads don't babysit. We're just dads,” he concludes.

TikTok users sounded off in Rochell’s comment section, praising him for his forward take on fatherhood.

“Left for 5 days and didn’t get one call with questions. Just cute picture updates with the biggest smiles 🥰,” one user wrote.

Another said, “My wife left me for a weekend to go on a Bach party. All her friends thought she lost her mind. Kiddo and I were just chillin 🤷🏻‍♂️”

“This is so needed! My father in law to this day brags about how he didn’t change ONE single diaper. Very thankful my husband is exact opposite. This generation of dads rules!! ❤️” one mom chimed in.

“Love this guy and the info he’s sending out there!” another wrote.

There does seem to be some lingering misogyny when moms who are without their kids are asked if dad is “watching” or “babysitting” the kids. No, he’s not babysitting because he is half of their genetic makeup. He’s their dad! It’s great to see men like Rochell use their platform to break this annoying stigma.