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This Mom Loses It When Her Teen Daughter Asks For A Staple Of '90s Jewelry

We cannot interfere. This is a canon event.

Italian charm bracelets are back, and teens really, really want one!
Kathleen Galloway / TikTok
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Fashion trends come and go, and 30 years later, ‘90s fashion has hit its stride once again. The kids are wearing baggy jeans and crop tops, Doc Martens, and butterfly clips in their hair. While it’s comforting in a weird way to see these once-popular looks come back in style (so validating!), there is something so funny about the younger generations thinking these are all unique looks — or tha their totally uncool moms once rocked very similar outfits and accessories.

One mom, Kathleen Galloway, couldn’t help but lose it when her daughter showed her a piece of jewelry she saw on TikTok, begging her mom to buy it for her.

While sitting in a movie theater, presumably waiting for the film to start, the mother-daughter duo giggles while Galloway films her teen daughter in a moment that will make you giggle right alongside them.

“Show me, show me again, please,” Galloway asks her teen daughter. “Just say what you said to me. Please, I beg of you!”

“Do I sound stupid?” Galloway’s daughter asks, having no clue why her mom is laughing.

“You said, ‘Do you like this bracelet?’” Galloway says as her daughter turns her phone to the camera, revealing a TikTok video that showcases an Italian charm bracelet.

“Have I seen those?” she asks her daughter. “I had those!”

Her daughter gasps before saying, “I want one! They’re cute!”

Galloway’s daughter was watching a popular TikTok video from the account, @originalcharms, which featured the early ‘00s throwback bracelet.

Any person over 30 knows exactly what these bracelets are and how they work because, as Galloway noted, they’ve been around for decades and gained huge popularity in the early 2000s.

Jewelry brand Nomination introduced the Composable bracelet line in 1987, which later became synonymous with the style now known as Italian charm bracelets.

A few years after the bracelets made their debut, American tourists noticed the style and brought it to the United States. Italian charm bracelets are unique style as they use personalized “links” within a stainless-steel larger link chain to create a “charm” bracelet-type look.

The spring-loaded square links were meant to be swapped and traded for a custom look. Charms were decorated with hearts, stars, country flags, evil eyes, rainbows, peace signs, monograms, team mascots, zodiac signs, and pretty much anything that pertained to your interests.

After Galloway’s video went viral, several TikTok users recalled their own Italian charm bracelets from their youth — with many recalling that infamous pinch from the spring-loaded charms.

“They pinch I will never forget that pain,” one user wrote.

“All of us who grew up in the 90s suffer from ptsd from it. She already has been warned 🙈,” Galloway replied.

“THOSE ONES HURT SO BAD THOUGH!! pulled my arm hairs like crazy, so cute but painful,” another noted.

“The way I’m still missing arm hairs from that bracelet 😂😂,” another joked.

One user wrote, “This is maybe the ONE thing I saved from this era, I can now wear it again and be cool! 😜😜”

“WAIT I literally found mine from childhood at my parent's house over the holidays are they srsly coming back??” another asked.

If you saved your O.G. Italian charm bracelet from back in the day, you’re going to save yourself some cash. A brand new Nomination bracelet will cost you up to $260.00 just for the bracelet, plus up to $70 per charm if you want to mix and match. If only we still had 90s prices, too.