'90s Fashion Is Back, Baby

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The fashion trends of the ’90s are back and pulling at the heart strings of millennials (and even those of us who aren’t millennials). According to an article in TODAY, retailers are onto the fact that certain looks are giving us all the feels. And the nostalgia factor isn’t the only reason people are paying up to sport the same styles they did 25 years ago.

Shows like Friends are available on Netflix and having a major influence what we choose to put on our bodies these days as well as the new films like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, a movie based on the best-selling YA novel written by Jenny Han. My daughter got me into it and now I’m obsessed with everything about it — especially the clothes.

As a (older, ahem) child of the ’90s, this takes me back to summer afternoons of flipping through the Delias catalogue with my sisters and circling everything we wanted. And seeing my friends post about how Target is selling almost the exact outfit Alicia Silverstone wore in Clueless took me right back in time.

Plaid minis aren’t the only ’90s piece making a comeback though. How about…

Bomber Jackets

We love a nice bomber jacket with a skirt, our favorite jeans, or even sweats. They come in so many colors it’s impossible to own just one, and you’ll wish you hadn’t thrown out your ex-boyfriend’s letter jacket he gave you in the 10th grade.

Crop Tops

Don’t be afraid to show your midriff — at any age. A crop top paired with the popular high-waisted jeans or skirts are super cute and always comfortable.

Two-Toned Denim On Denim

Why pick a jeans in a bunch of different washes if you can get on pair with in light and dark? I had a pair of these puppies in the 6th grade and the were the greatest thing.


These are everywhere now. I lived in my overalls when I went college in the early ’90s — in fact, it was our go-to look for a Saturday with a baseball cap. But I might be loving them even more now.

Chunky Sneakers

Yeah, the outfit is great, but are you ready for those chunky kicks to come back? Well, they are here. I took my kids shopping this weekend and they were everywhere in all price ranges. Get ready, they are going to make a comeback. And don’t forget the tallness factor.


I had a much cheaper version of this suit in high school, but I swear it was the same one. Neon brings out your tan and it’s just plain fun. I love watching my daughter gravitate towards all the bright oranges, pinks, and yellows.

High Waisted Denim

Mom jeans are in and we are loving it. Bye-bye to low-rise skinnies, and hello to something more comfortable that gets rid of the muffin top and doesn’t show any crack.

Denim Skirts

I used to buy a fresh denim skirt every year before school started. So naturally when I saw them back in all the store, I had to have one.

Maybe you still have some of your ’90s wardrobe left, or maybe you’ve been strolling the stores feeling nostalgic wondering if you should buy a few pieces because you can’t help but want to wear them again — I say go for it. Hell, I’m 43, and I’m not holding back — the ’90s had some classic styles that people obviously miss.

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