Jennifer Garner Shares Sweet 'Thank You' To Teachers

The actor shared the touching tribute on Instagram Thursday.

jennifer garner red carpet picture
Getty Images/Instagram

Jennifer Garner continues to earn the title of “Most Relatable” celebrity. The mom of three, who shares Violet, Fin, and Samuel with ex-husband Ben Affleck, has praised teachers in the past — anyone remember her sweet blessing ahead of the school year during the pandemic?! — and is doing it once again now.

On Thursday, the actor posted a lovely note thanking her children’s elementary school teachers for all their work. “A little gratitude for our wonderful family elementary school at the end of 13 years together applies to all educators: thank you for doing what you do. ♥️ And congratulations to all the mamas out there with kids moving from one phase to the next. ♥️♥️” she captioned the post.

“Dearest Teachers,” the note begins. “Thank you for caring about my children for me, for tying their shoes and holding their hands. Thank you for disciplining my kids when they’ve needed it and for offering more hugs than some children receive in a lifetime. Thank you for all the hard work that goes into having high expectations, for buckling down and teaching them the discomfort and joy of tolerating frustration toward a greater good.”

The actor continues, “Thank you for choosing to study and become educators and for doing your jobs with your whole heart. I’m sure that the demands and frustrations of the classroom can obfuscate the mission behind your place in it, but what’s more noble than teaching children—not a whole lot, as far as I can tell.”

She then goes on to highlight some of the experiences her family has had at their school, thanking her kids’ teachers for being their seemingly every step of the way. “Thank you for being a safe haven for my family; the world is a lot for anyone and so many children struggle with real loss and hardship that it feels selfish to want more for kids who have so much. But I wanted my three to have a safe space where they could focus on the business of being little, and where education and character were prioritized. What I didn’t know to want: teachers who were willing to dress up on theme for Halloween, to wait with baited breath for Zero the Hero, to choose the perfect books/science project/Spanish song, to travel with forty kids, to play hockey at lunch, to spend months working toward an art fair or performance or the incredible feat of filling in a globe with its countries and capitols... Thank you for a beautiful 13 years. I cannot imagine our family landing anywhere better.”

It’s such a heartfelt sentiment, and one that many followers rallied behind in the comments.

One follower commented, “As a retired teacher of many years, that’s was truly wonderful to hear. We appreciate you. ❤️”

Another wrote, “My eyes are leaking. Best and hardest job in the world. ❤️”

The actor is no stranger to publicly sharing her feelings about school. Back in the fall of 2020, the actor posted a note about the terrible, uncertain school year ahead of families. And this past fall, she posted a hilarious throwback picture of her own first day of kindergarten.

And most recently, she celebrated her eldest’s graduation with an adorable, weepy post.

Here’s to all the graduates — and the moms who helped get them there.