A Kid Asked For A Mr. Burns Haircut And His Mom Enthusiastically Said Yes

The result went viral on TikTok, and viewers are torn over whether it’s good parenting.

Hair grows back, right? A kid asked for a haircut just like Mr. Burns and his mom obliged — and now ...
IMDB/TikTok/Johanna Clark

Hair grows back, right? One of the hardest aspects of parenting is whether or not you should allow your kids to make decisions that break social norms — even if they’re not really hurting anyone. One mom recently decided to let her kid be fully himself, though it involved buzzing her son’s head into a bald halo and transforming him into the loathed Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

The results went viral on TikTok, garnering almost 7 million views, and mom Johanna Clark has heard from thousands of parents who both agree and disagree with her choice.

"Am I a bad mum for letting my son cut his hair like Mr. Burns,” she asked in the video’s caption, which shows her son with his new haircut contrasted with a picture of the world’s most famous cartoon nuclear power plant CEO.

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And there’s no denying that the kid has the character down perfectly, to the hunched shoulders and evil fingers to the perfect tone of voice.

People in the comments were torn on the issue.

A lot of people loved it, and supported the mom for supporting her kid.

“He is happy and confident, it’s just hair, besides it’s a good learning experience for when he’s 50, so you’re defo a great mom,” one fellow parent shared.

“HAHAHAHAH!! If thats the worst thing he does, its the absolute beat case scenario,” another says.

“Letting kids make choices is awesome parenting,” another added.

“He’s an icon.”

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Some worried about bullying and other consequences of coloring outside of the lines of life: “It’s cool and I rate that he likes but. But what about the other kids at school surely there will be some bullying going on,” one person said.

“Only okay if he’s homeschooled,” another person said, also afraid of how other kids would treat him.

But Clark explained in the comments that her kid is happy and so is she.

“He freaking loves it! Made his year,” she replied to one comment. “I’m still giggling. Good honest fun, really.”

And one viewer really hit the nail on the (bald) head: “Hair always grows back, this will be a core memory, for life.”