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Try Not To Laugh At This 2 Year Old Absolutely Belting 'Silent Night'


Watch a two-year-old absolutely steal the show at a holiday performance.

Ah, Christmas. A time of softly falling snow, starlit nights, and quiet reflection. What’s that in the distance? A beautiful children’s choir singing the moving chorus of the classic song “Silent Night,” capturing all of the beauty and magic of the season.

And then there is this rendition of the song, which will lodge itself inside your soul forever.

Buckle up, people.

There always seems to be one kid at the holiday concert that is... more enthusiastic... than the rest of the crowd, but in this case, this two-year-old child changes the entire atmosphere of the room with his one singular voice. And he is screaming every word.

Michelle Weiss Trusl, @gabecseven in TikTok, uploaded a video of her toddler son “singing his heart out” at what looks like an annual holiday preschool pageant.

Her kid is absolutely belting out every individual word of “Silent Night,” giving the entire show an ironic feel, considering the subject matter. You can hear parents trying to hold in their laughter as the song, and the screaming, continue. In the front, a baby dressed as a bear (maybe a donkey?) becomes increasingly distressed.

The boy appears to think that he is totally killing it — and in a way, he is.

She captions the post, “still makes me laugh,” making it seem like this video has been a classic staple of her household for a few years before she decided to share it with the world.

The comments are just as hilarious as the video, which has racked up over 4.5 million views and over 10,000 comments in just a day. Here are some of the funniest ones:

“The loudest silent night I’ve ever heard 😂”

“It was not a silent night I fear.”

“Perhaps the silent night is the friends we made along the way.”


“Is the silent night in the room w us?😭”

“It was not a silent night, and it was indeed, not all calm.”

“I thought they were all singing loud and then realized it was just one child 😂”

“Little teddy bear in front is having a quiet existential crisis.”

If you think that perhaps this song was a departure from this child’s personality, or for the holiday concert, you would be wrong. Trusl uploaded a second video from the remarkable performance in which her son shrieks every syllable of “Away In A Manger” like he is the lead singer of Metallica.

At this point, a few parents can’t help but laugh openly, though everyone seems to be a good sport even though every other child is getting drowned out. There is no way, even through space and time, that the little boy Jesus possibly slept through that tune.

“That’s main character energy right there 😂,” one person commented.

“Singing for the back row,” said another.

“The sun gotta shine,” said another.

As for me? I’m going to bring this kid’s energy with me the next time I need to speak up.