Hand Sanitizers That Are Kid-Friendly *And* Effective At Killing Germs

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Kids touch everything. Which is why finding a kids’ hand sanitizer your family will actually use is absolutely critical in your efforts to keep everyone healthy. Because, no matter what those little mitts have touched or how visibly soiled their hands are, those dirty digits are going to end up in their mouth or nose, or heaven forbid their nose then mouth. YUCK! Especially during a pandemic, it’s best if your kid has access to hand sanitizer at all times (along with a mask, too). But a lot of regular hand sanitizers can smell too strong or leave hands tasting bitter (we taste, since we use our hands to eat), which is why special sanitizers that are more kid-friendly is key (spoiler: we did include one featuring a Disney character). And once you’ve got sanitizer, you can get a hand sanitizer holder or keychain.

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But FYI, although hand sanitizer is good when out and about, hand washing is still the way to go. The CDC recommends scrubbing your hands with soap and water for the length of the “Happy Birthday” song as the most effective way to clean hands. But what happens when there’s no soap and water around? Or your only option is a public restroom sink with more bacteria and germs than a toilet? Good thing mom is prepared with the best hand sanitizers for kids. (Watch your backs children, the adults are going to want these too.) Pro tip: For the strongest ick-fighting power, the CDC recommends sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol.

Note: Formulas that are alcohol-free are made to kill germs and bacteria, but they do not kill viruses, such as the COVID-19 virus. These are best used following diaper changes, bathroom runs, etc.

Best Kids’ Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer For Kids

Now you can wipe you and your kids hands clean with these kids hand sanitizers. We’ve got even more pint-sized products for kids here!


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