16 Best Toddler Gloves For Snow And Winter, According To Mom 2021

The Best Gloves For Keeping Your Toddler’s Hands Warm And Cozy This Winter 

December 15, 2020 Updated January 21, 2021

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Finding the best toddler gloves for your munchkin can be frustrating, to say the least. Little kids are anything but complacent when it comes to putting on socks, shoes, hats, and gloves. From puffer jackets to hats to snow boots, there’s no doubt getting your little one ready to go out in the cold is a process. Even so, it’s important to ensure that they’re warm and bundled up. Especially when it comes to our extremities, it’s important to find warm gloves that still allow your kids to play. Since toddlers are most likely not super dexterous when it comes to snow play, they’ll probably get frustrated if they don’t have enough freedom with their hands, regardless. Still — gloves can’t be too thin, either.

We’ve done the research (i.e. read through hundreds of online reviews) to help you find the best toddler gloves for your wiggle worm. Here are 16 sets of toddler gloves to choose from starting with toddler hat-and-glove sets. 

Toddler Winter Gloves

American Trends Toddler Lined Fleece Winter Gloves (Two Pair)

These cozy-looking gloves are made of high-quality polyester and are lined with fleece. Available in three sizes and six color combinations, these warm mittens are perfect for both boys and girls and can fit children as old as seven years old. (These mittens are not waterproof, so they’re not ideal for snow play.) 

“Fits well, my kids can put them on alone, warm, squishes up enough to fit in their pockets!” one Amazon reviewer writes. “They wash and dry well too.”


EBOOT Full-Finger Knitted Gloves (Three Pair)

If your little one isn’t into gloves that confine their fingers, then these full-finger knitted gloves should do the trick. This way, they’ll be able to play without restriction and keep warm. Plus, they’re affordable and come in a pack of three. 

“These little gloves are so cute! I love that they are stretchy and versatile,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I bought the smallest size and am pleased that they fit both my one year old and three year old. It’s so hard to find tiny hand wear for my youngest and these fit perfectly!”


N'Ice Caps Easy-On Sherpa Lined Fleece Mittens (Two Pair)

These easy-on mittens are designed so that your child can easily take them on and off. The hook-and-loop closure also ensure that they won’t fall off during play. (So they’re perfect for running around outside.) 

“Bought them for my son, and really like them,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Easy to put on, they stay on, and kept his hand really warm on a cold day today. My son also likes them. He has been refusing mittens, but I was able to convince him to put those on earlier in the day, and then he wanted to put them on himself when we went out before dinner.”

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Gelante Winter Knit Magic Gloves (Six to 12 Pair)

If your toddler loses their gloves often, you may want to stock up. These full-finger gloves are available in packs of six or 12. They’re also available in a variety of colors, including blue, green, black, red, and patterned designs. 

“This is a fabulous deal!” one Amazon reviewer writes. “The three-year-old and one-year-old have been wearing these gloves for over three months now. They have been worn while playing in snow and while just playing around the house a lot as the three-year-old calls all the pink ones her princess gloves!”


Peach Couture Toddler Warm Winter Rainbow Gloves

This three-pack of fun and rainbow gloves are perfect for cold weather (we’d recommend something hardier for snow play though). They’re warm, comfortable, and kids love the colors. These will fit kids ages 2-6.


Toby Fairy 3-Pack Bam Pow Toddler Gripper Mittens

What makes these gloves stand out is that they have grippy features, which means your little one can still use the monkey bars and play with toys without the fabric really getting in the way. Plus, the patterns are super cute — there’s no way your kid won’t want to wear them.


Toddler Snow Gloves 

MCTi Kids Waterproof Sherpa Lined Mittens

These snow gloves are waterproof and offer a soft inner layer for comfort. The elastic cuff also makes taking these gloves on and off a breeze. (Which can be a pain when playing in the snow!) The anti-slip design also makes this pair of snow gloves ideal for winter sports like skiing. 

“I rarely ever write reviews, but for all the parents who struggle to get mittens on their kids or have gaps between jacket and glove where snow and cold gets in…these mittens are awesome,” said one Amazon reviewer. “I wish we had bought these years ago… warm, dry hands, easy to put on.”

$16.14 AT AMAZON

Momoon Toddler Snow Gloves

These snow gloves offer fleece insulation, which means your LO’s hands will be kept nice and snug. The outer layer of the gloves are made with nylon, while the second layer is made with polyester fiber, which means the gloves are extra insulated. Choose from seven different color combos. These are great for kids 2-5 years old.


WHafen Toddler Ski Gloves

Is your kid a skier/snowboarder-in-training? Even if they just love to play in the snow and spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter, this pair that’s specifically designed for more intense winter activities might be a good choice. This features heavy duty insulation and adjustable straps. This one size fits kids 2-5 years old.


Miaowoof Easy-On Toddler Waterproof Gloves

These Easy-On Waterproof Thinsulate Snow Gloves by Miaowoof are an Amazon best Seller. They’re insulated for warmth, include elastic in the wrist area, and are waterproof, which will keep your child’s hands nice and toasty even in a blizzard. 

 “Perfectly sized for little toddler hands,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Super warm and soft, velvety material on the inside and waterproof exterior with a great rubber-like grip on the palms. They have a velcro strap around the wrist to keep them securely on and also to prevent snow from getting inside. I especially like the plastic clip to keep them from getting lost.” 


SnowStoppers Stay-On Waterproof Gloves

With more than 3,000 reviews, I thought these waterproof gloves deserved a spot on our list. They’re completely waterproof, made from nylon, and have a polyester lining. (Hand-wash only.) 

“These are the best mittens ever for toddlers!” one Amazon reviewer writes. “You have to put the mittens on before the jacket because the cuff extends pretty far up the arm. They cannot slip off and the child cannot easily remove them. They are perfect for playing in the snow for extended periods of time.”

$18.95 AT AMAZON

AMYIPO Toddler Snow Gloves for Boys and Girls

These full-finger snow gloves come in five colors and feature an anti-slip design (perfect for outdoor sports). They’re also lightweight and lined with fleece to help keep your child’s hands warm. 

“I bought these for my four-yeear-old daughter and she loves them,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I absolutely love that they come with an attached cord that you’re able to feed through their coat sleeves so they don’t lose them even when they’re not on. They kept her hands warm while she played outside in the snow and the insides didn’t seem to get wet or soak through at all. They’re fairly quick at drying off as well is nice.”


Toddler Hat and Gloves 

Jerague Toddler Kids Winter Hats and Gloves Set

Almost all little kids love dinosaurs, so this dino-embellished bundle would be ideal for basically any small human. (If your little one isn’t a fan of dinosaurs, though, this hat and glove set is also available in a star pattern.)

Made from eco-friendly fabrics, this knit earflap hat and gloves set is perfect for babies, toddlers, and children. Thanks to the ear flaps, you also won’t have to worry about their ears getting cold, either.

“The hat fits perfectly on my two-and-a-half year old. I got the dinosaur design one, and it’s really cute and hip,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I like how the hat covers the ears in a snug manner without being too loose or tight. It’s easy to take on and off.”


Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby and Toddler Hat and Mitten Set

Available in four color combinations, this hat and mitten set is undeniably adorable. (I mean, look at those pom-poms!) Plus, this set comes with two pairs of matching mittens just in case they somehow get “lost” in the car. 

“Hat fits her head and she loves the mittens,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “It doesn’t get outrageously cold where we live, but there are a few days where it’s in the 30s first thing in the morning. She mainly needs this for the daycare playground or if she runs outside in the colder months. Happy with my purchase, really love Carter’s toddler clothing.”

$16.00 AT AMAZON

GZMM Toddler Hat, Scarf, Mitten Set

If you’re looking for something a bit warmer, opt for a hat, scarf, and mitten set. This set offers full coverage from the neck to your child’s ears to the top of their head. The inside is insulated with cotton while the outer material is knitting. (Note: this set needs to be hand-washed.) 

“My two-and-a-half year old looks adorable and stays warm in this hat!” writes one Amazon reviewer. “Love that you can pull it up over the face and that her neck stays nice and warm without a bulky scarf. It stays in place so she wasn’t constantly adjusting like her other hats. It made playing in the snow much more enjoyable.”


Alepo Gloves and Beanie Hat Set for Toddler

Available in beige, black, blue, dark gray, light gray, pink, and white, this glove and beanie set is perfect for children from six months to 7T. Made with 100 percent high-quality acrylic and lined with cozy fleece, your child is sure to stay toasty and comfortable in this cute winter set. 

“Bought this for my three-year-old for our trip up north and it did not disappoint!” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Not only were they so cute on him but it kept him very warm. He loved the mittens and refused to take them off.”



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