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A Woman's All-Out Rant About Parents Bringing Their Kids To Nice Restaurants Causes Uproar

She says to pay for a sitter or stay home.

A woman is going viral after she tells parents to keep their "sh**t-a**" kids at home while she is o...
@kd81322 / TikTok

A woman is going viral on TikTok after her rant about parents bringing their children to nice restaurants aka she wants them to stay the f**k home.

In her video, Mrs. KD films herself at the restaurant, venting to the camera about how her dinner was effectively ruined due to the neighboring table containing wild children.

“We came to a really nice restaurant in Tulsa,” she says into the camera before pausing as loud children’s chatter continues in the background.

“Can you hear that? It's a table of children across from us arguing, and the mom just said, ‘I'm gonna beat your ass,’ and one of them has their tablet on volume 97. And I literally can't even hear the music in the restaurant because I'm listening to her tablet as I pay over $30 for my meal at a nice restaurant.”

“Don't take your sh*t-ass kids to nice restaurants,” she says frankly.

In another clip, after dinner, Mrs. KD continues her explanation for why she was upset, noting that she has kids too, but she and her husband opted to pay for a babysitter so they could have a child-free evening. The only problem with this is that she only paid for a child-free evening from her kids. Going out into the world, even at a nice restaurant, doesn’t guarantee a child-free experience.

“Our meal was $140 for the both of us with tip ... and I had to listen to screaming ass kids b**ching at each other and their tablets. People, leave your kids at home. Get a babysitter. Don't take them. Don't go because I want a good night with my husband. And I just, I felt, I felt exhausted from that date night. So thanks for that,” she vented.

Her opinion has some validity. There is nothing more annoying than trying to enjoy a nice date night sans kids only to be seated next to a rambunctious table of toddlers blasting Peppa Pig on their iPads. It’s not like the OP was eating at a Chik-Fil-A or Red Robin.

Several TikTok users agreed with her sentiment commenting words of validation on the viral video.

“This this this this! I have 3 kids, I love them! But if I go on a date night and go somewhere fancy I don't want to be sat by kids!” one user wrote.

Despite receiving some support, others were irked by Mrs. KD’s comments, calling her entitled to think that she “deserves” a kid-free evening.

“Entitled much? If you want a good night with your husband, keep your yuppy ass home 😂” one user said.

Another wrote sarcastically, “It’s almost like you’re out in public or something!”

“Being selfish while asking others not to be selfish,” another noted.

“Honestly this is one I don’t agree with. Some people don’t trust babysitters or have family close by to watch them. Children exist and deserve to go out and eat and enjoy being in public places too,” one TikTok user said.

One user wrote, “Don’t go in public then? Your expectations for a public place are set too high. Kids will be kids, and other moms are trying to enjoy a meal too. 🤔”

“Not everyone has childcare. Kids have a right to be anywhere you do. Some may say you’re annoying for recording yourself at dinner. 😉 BE KIND,” one user pointed out.

Another commenter also noted that the OP was the one recording herself, flash-on, in the middle of a restaurant which could also cause a disturbance.

“You paid a babysitter so you could ignore your husband and sit on your phone!!” one user wrote.

The OP replied, “My husband said ‘you should record this and make a TikTok’ 😉”

“Kids are gonna be kids as you say in your other videos. Even if they didn’t have their tablets they still would be loud and be KIDS! Obviously, I understand they need to learn also,” another wrote.

The OP clapped back and said, “These kids were like 10 and 11 years old, not toddlers! TODDLERS don’t know how to ‘behave’ and be quiet, but kids 10&11 do! They don’t need tablets and to scream and yell at each other”

Several TikTok users laid blame on the parents who can’t be considerate and read a room when it comes to the behavior of their children. The issue is less about the existence of children in public and more about their behavior when in public places. Some parents cannot read a room and realize when an iPad on full blast is appropriate or not.

Despite the OP’s complaints about how her dinner was ruined, the restaurant she was dining at that she claimed was expensive and therefore, for adults only is a Cajun-Creole restaurant called Nola’s.

And, spoiler alert, they have a kid’s menu, meaning kids are welcome.

The discourse about kids and restaurants is nothing new. Some people are so fed up with parents unable to control their kids while dining that they are taking drastic measures to ensure a child-free dining experience. A Georgia restaurant owner threatened to charge the parents of unruly children $50 extra for kids who can’t behave themselves. Another restaurant straight up banned a family who continued to leave a mess after eating.

If parents plan to head to a nicer sit-down restaurant with young children, it’s on them to make sure their kids stay by their table, keep a normal level of volume, and clean up after themselves. Kids do not need to be running around like maniacs in a restaurant. Parents need to know their children and know if the trip is worth the trouble. It's just common courtesy.

That being said, going anywhere in public makes a person susceptible to just about anything. That includes families with kids who might be watching Toy Story at a loud volume while you’re trying to enjoy some crab cakes.