These Kids' Trundle Beds Are Basically 2 (Sometimes 3) Beds In 1

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kids trundle beds

If you ever had a friend growing up who had a trundle bed, you know how much more enjoyable sleepovers were. Sure, sleeping in a sleeping bag or on a floor is fun, but a bed is so much more comfortable. With a trundle bed, that spare bed just appeared and you were able to get a peaceful night of sleep after an evening of spending time with your best friend. Why not give your own kids that same luxury? Trundle beds — which are two beds in one, with one that slides out from under the main bed — are a space-saving way to have two beds in your kids’ rooms (also see: kids loft beds).

Are trundle beds worth it?

According to certified Pediatric & Maternity Sleep Consultant, Rachel Mitchell, trundle beds are worth it! You’ve just got to know when the right time is to purchase for your child.

“When it comes to kid’s trundle beds, they can be a great investment and space saver,” Mitchell says. “You just want to make sure when you invest in a trundle bed that the child is old enough to use one. My recommendation is to wait until a child is a minimum of two years old to transition them out of their crib, and a trundle could be a good option since it is close to the floor and may even be safer than a traditional toddler bed.”


Maybe you want a trundle bed for your kids’ friends or maybe you want to put a trundle bed in your kids’ room for when family visits. Either way, a kids’ trundle bed is not a bad idea. Ahead, shop a few of the best trundle bed options on the internet, and start getting your little ones’ rooms ready for the best sleepovers ever.

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