KiwiCo Just Dropped Halloween Projects — And They’re So Clever It’s Spooky

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by Lauren Beach

Halloween activities always seem to revolve around candy, involving so much sugar it’s scary. If you’re looking for a crafty alternative, KiwiCo has revealed its new Halloween crates, and they’re the perfect activity to kick off the spooky season. From DIY mechanical costumes for kids to bubbly cauldrons that even you as an adult will be obsessed with, KiwiCo has brought its A game with these new projects — and (unlike the monthly crates KiwiCo is famous for) there’s no subscription necessary.

KiwiCo’s Halloween Drop At A Glance

With projects for children ranging from 3 to 12 years old, these Halloween-themed crates give kids the chance to learn through play, flex their STEM muscles, and showcase their creativity. Most projects cost less than $30 and they’re an engaging activity the whole family can get on. And don’t worry about feeling in over your head as you try to supervise the creations — each KiwiCo project features detailed, frustration-free instructions and all the supplies you need to complete the project (no frantic runs to the craft store necessary). Plus, the kid-friendly instructions include explanations of the behind-the-scenes mechanics and their real-life applications, so you’ll be able to help execute while your kiddo (sneakily) learns.

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Keep scrolling to see the KiwiCo Halloween crates we’ve gone completely googly-eyes over. And bear in mind, if these creative and STEM-focused projects seem like they’d resonate with your family, you can currently get 40% off your first monthly subscription crate with the promo code AUTUMN.

This Functional “Construction Excavator” Costume Your Kid Will Totally Dig

Recommended Age: 5+

Your little trick-or-treater will be psyched to tell everyone how they built this amazing mechanical costume. Intended for kids 5 years and older, this crate offers a play-based STEAM learning project that comes with everything you need — just add an upcycled box from home. Children learn about the science behind levers as they follow detailed, kid-friendly instructions that make this costume fun and easy to build. The mechanical arm is adorable (and functional) and the testers at KiwiCo ensured it can pick up a variety of kid-crucial items, from candy to bouncy balls.

Parent Review: “It was a hit! My almost 5 year old needed some help with construction, but thought the way the illustrated instructions were laid out were fantastic for a kid to follow along. The final build was awesome. It was a great weekend project and had a lot of fun seeing what we could pick up. This was a great way to have a DIY Halloween costume in a super convenient way and avoid a trip to the crafts store.”

A DIY Dino-Mite Costume

Recommended Age: 5+

This impeccably designed chomping dinosaur costume crate comes with everything kids need to create a mechanical T-rex mask — and it even comes with matching dino claws. The sturdy felt pieces are easy for children to attach using the included brad fasteners and the giant googly eyes make this an instant hit. Little builders learn about the power of hinges as they craft the snapping jaw that closes with a tug of the pull strings, so they can practice their fiercest roar. Detailed diagrams and the helpful instruction booklet inspire budding paleontologists and this project is optimal for kids that are 5 years or older. Have a dragon-obsessed kiddo? This would also make a great dragon costume too — just add wings.

Parent Review: “It was interesting and exciting for my eight year old, while also being straightforward enough that he constructed it without help. Also, he now has an awesome (and, so far, quite durable) mask that he’ll actually use for pretend play, not just an art project or experiment that just sits on a shelf indefinitely.”

This Unicorn Costume With A Light-Up Horn For Trick-Or-Treating Magic

Recommended Age: 5+

The only thing better than making and decorating their own unicorn costume? Building one that has a light-up horn that’s perfect for trick-or-treating. The quality components of this kit include all the shiny and colorful elements a unicorn fan could dream of, including materials to make a shimmery tail. The felt pieces attach with kid-friendly brads and the detailed diagrams in the instruction booklet guide children along the way. There is even some fine motor skill-strengthening lacing involved. The project is designed for kids 5 years and up, and it even includes an explanation of the science behind iridescence and where the myth of unicorns came from.

Parent Review: “My daughter absolutely loved this! The directions were easy to follow and the kids were able to manipulate the materials easily. The end result was awesome!”

A Bubbling Cauldron Project Without Toil And Trouble

Recommended Age: 5+

Your little ones will be cackling as they build a bubbling cauldron that lets them explore chemistry. This crate invites children over the age of 5 to get creative as they craft a tiny witch and use the 23 included Halloween-themed stickers to decorate the perfect spooky witch’s lair. Step-by-step instructions guide them through how to create the chemical reaction using citric acid and baking soda and the included hidden pump makes the little cauldron bubble over (and over and over).

Parent Review: “This was a great project. My 7 year old and 10 year old did it together and split up the tasks. It worked well. Although they have done experiments with baking soda and citric acid before, the Halloween theming with the witch and cauldron and spooky laboratory to decorate, as well as operating the pump, added a lot of interest. I loved how the guide book included information about other pumps in real life, such as the human heart. After the kids had their fill of pumping the bubbling and fizzing cauldron, we were able to pour the water out of the tray and put it away for future use. It won’t hold up forever, but should work for several uses. An excellent Halloween project or gift.”

This Motion-Sensing Spider That’s Prank-Ready

Recommended Age: 9+

This engaging project is a treat for kids, letting them play a funny (and harmless) trick when this sneaky spider drops down on unsuspecting friends and family. After crafting an adorably creepy pom-pom spider, children get to play engineer by connecting a working motor, motion-detecting sensor, and electrical components to the precisely cut included box. The instruction booklet walks kids through each step and includes a lesson on how real-life motion sensors work. This project is recommended for children 9 years or older, but kids (and adults) of all ages will enjoy the results of this one.

Parent Review: “Spider is fun for the entire family! 8 year old granddaughter needed assistance from Mom to build. We all learned a lot about electrical systems and sensors. Best of all, it works! Spider is hanging in the corner and invariably surprises someone every day.”

A Tote-ally Customizable Glow-In-The-Dark Trick-or-Treat Bag

Recommended Age: 3+

Kids as young as 3 years old will delight in crafting their own roomy, glow-in-the-dark tote for trick-or-treating. Using the easily placed sticker pieces, children can create the perfect Halloween bat or black cat to tote their candy around in. Reviewers said they could make one of each of the critters using both sides of the tote and some opted to create a fun hybrid of the two. The tote features wide, green ribbon handles that stay put on little shoulders (or yours, if your kids are anything like ours) and most importantly: It’s large enough to hold a ton of sweets.

Parent Review: “It was fun for my daughter to decorate her own Halloween bag to match her costume. Good quality and love the glow in the dark feature!”

The Halloween Luminaries That’ll Earn You Glowing Reviews

Recommended Age: 3+

Children 3years old and up learn the history behind jack o’ lanterns while they create four Halloween-themed luminaries with this crate. This project gives kids the choice of which glowing beasties to whip up using glitter glue, colored tissue paper, googly eyes, and sticker accessories. The optional creatures include a bat, jack o’ lantern, monster, ghost, and a spider. To keep it kid-safe, the luminaries come with battery-operated tea lights — we hear they make a fun seasonal nightlight too.

Parent Review: “This was a fantastic craft for my 3.5 year old. We worked together and she loved creating! We skipped the second round of glue because she was so excited to put the stickers on. No issues!”

A Puking Pumpkin That’s A Guaranteed Gourd Time

Recommended Age: 3+

A decidedly un-spooky option, this mashup of gross-out hilarity and STEAM learning lets kids create their very own puking pumpkin on the front porch. Using any carved pumpkin (real or artificial), kids over the age of 3 will play the mad scientist as they measure and mix to create the perfect puke using the included beaker, funnel, and measuring spoons to combine the included ingredients. No chemistry lesson has ever inspired so much giggling.

Parent Review: “Would enjoy MORE explanation behind the science of "chemical reaction" and what is happening for explaining to the kids. Did just fine, and they loved it, but would be helpful for less nerdy parents I suspect.”

The Glowing Haunted House So Fun To Build It’s Creepy

Recommended Age: 9+

Kids 9 years old and up will love building and decorating this glowing haunted house that creates the perfect spooky scene for your mantel or kitchen table. The included LEDs are battery powered and they eerily glow through the paper windows. The lightweight pieces are easy to put together and the house offers lots of opportunities to customize, from cotton ball cobwebs, to color-your-own bats, ghosts, jack o’ lanterns, and tombstones.

Parent Review: “This was such a fun activity for my son and I! He loved being able to decorate the house, and the instructions were clear enough for him to follow with very minimal assistance. It was awesome to see him growing in confidence after each step!”