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This "Lazy" Mom Wants To Normalize Giant Piles Of Laundry & Messy Houses

“Yes, I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I’m not a maid.”

A “lazy mom” on TikTok wants to help make other parents feel better about their giant piles of laund...
@_amanduhh__ / TikTok

Social media paints a pretty unrealistic picture of what it means to be a “good” mom. Typically presenting their “best self,” content creators and social media influencers share their perfect houses, clothes, children, husbands, lives, etc. You get the idea.

There is something so pressuring about this kind of content, something that triggers guilt and shame in so many of us because as much as we’d like to spend our days cleaning and organizing our homes, life happens. There are not enough hours in the day.

One self-proclaimed “lazy mom” on TikTok wants to help make other parents feel better about their giant piles of laundry and dirty floors, showing that this is actually how the majority of us live, we’re just ashamed to admit it because of the minority who present perfection.

Mom-of-two Amanda Rose (@_amanduhh__) shared a glimpse into her morning routine as a “lazy mom” which actually consists of not much laziness from my perspective.

“Here's another morning of my lazy mom life,” she began noting that she has a lot of commenters wondering how on earth she could leave a sink full of dirty dishes in her kitchen and sleep soundly at night. While this might make some squirm, Amanda couldn’t care less.

“The answer is so simple,” she said. “I just close my f*cking eyes and go to sleep.”

She, instead, decides to deal with the mess of the day the next morning, and that’s what works for her. Some of us are completely exhausted at the end of a long day with kids, and the thought of washing dishes and wiping down counters just could not be less enticing.

“I am here to normalize this kind of stuff, and even if some of you think that this isn't normal, to some of us this is normal. This is my normal. I am the lazy stay-at-home mom,” she continued.

Despite calling herself a “lazy” mom, there is really nothing about her day-to-day that is actually lazy. In fact, in the video we see her cleaning dishes, doing laundry, sweeping, and picking up. When she’s not taking care of the house, she’s spending time with her kids.

“...just because I'm lazy doesn't mean that I don't do sh*t all day. I just do other sh*t, like go to the park with my kids. Yes, I could do cleaning still, but again, I call myself lazy for a reason,” she joked.

After the video went viral, thousands of people commented on Amanda’s way of living, appreciating her for the realness of her home.

“I love seeing your videos. I’m also a “lazy” sahm. I’d rather spend time playing w my kid than cleaning 24/7,” one user wrote.

The OP replied, “100% same — I have also been struggling with mental health so being outside is better for me 💗”

Of course, not all of the comments are from parents who can relate. Amanda tackles the constant criticism she receives in her “lazy mom” videos, saying that the name-calling really doesn’t get to her at all.

“You can call me all the names in the book — bad mom, disgusting, whatever. I do not care. It does not affect me. If this makes somebody feel better about themselves, then I am all for it,” she said.

Thank you for keeping it real, when most of what we see on social media is a well-curated fantasy life.