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Watch The Exact Moment A Little Girls Spots Her Family At Her Holiday Dance Recital

Just in case you need a reminder of how important it is to show up for your kids.

Emmy's face lights up when she spots her family in the crowd at her first dance recital, in a video ...

One aspect of the holidays that can be stressful for parents is the landslide of their kids’ Christmas recitals, showcases, pageants, and performances. They often require taking time off work, not to mention the stress of getting outfits together, parking, finding seats, and buying flowers.

But the payoff is not only seeing your child perform what they’ve been working so hard on, but also that look on their face when they spot you in the crowd. This couldn’t have been more true than in a viral TikTok video that is capturing hearts this week.

In the video, three-year-old Emmy Krow is at her very first dance recital at Unity Dance Spectrum in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Dressed in her holiday duds and surrounded by fellow dancers, she’s scanning the crowd for her family with a look of worry on her face.

The moment she spots them, joy blossoms, followed by a lot of excitement, some waving, and then more than a few happy tears. In the background, you can hear her parents and relatives calling her name.

“We are so excited Emmy’s video is spreading so much love and positivity around the world,” Emmy’s mom Chelsea Krow told local news station FOX59. “She is such a special little girl with a huge heart. The overwhelming response of how important is it to show up for the people we love, and how we all just want to belong is universal.”

Liz Montemagni, owner of the dance studio, said that the video captures the goal of the annual recital, which is to spread holiday cheer.

The video has gone viral on TikTok, amassing over 15 million views in under a week.

“And that my friends is why you show up for your kids,” one person wrote.

“I am crying right along with her,” another said.

The sweet moment has also been a popular “reaction video,” with viewers recording their expressions as Emmy’s smile brightens one person’s day after another. Even celebs like country singer Walker Hayes have gotten in on the fun.

As one person pointed out, this video is also important for employers to see.

“Every boss needs to see this. let your employees have the time off to show up,” they wrote.

Making sure that parents have the ability to make it to their kids’ holiday shows can mean a whole lot. Just ask Emmy.