From The Confessional: You Have To Hear These Creepy Ghost Stories — EEEK!

by Karen Johnson
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Haunted houses sound fun when you’re 15 and with your friends, trying to prove how brave you are. Because you know, even if you’re scared AF walking through, that it’s all pretend, the “ghosts” are actors, and when you come out that final door, you’re back in the regular world—among the living.

But what about when you think you might live in an actual haunted house? Like, you see things, hear things, and feel things that are unexplainable? Is it because you watch too many scary movies? Is it your ghost phobia playing tricks on you? Or is your great-aunt Martha really coming back for a visit to judge your apple pie on Thanksgiving?

Personally, my husband and I were convinced that there was a ghost in our previous home. We both saw apparitions and heard loud footsteps at quiet hours when our kids were sound asleep. Even guests who visited said they saw something on occasion. But it never seemed to be a threatening ghost. In fact, we often wondered if it was my grandma coming back to check on me, which made the whole thing seem far more comforting than terrifying.

But whether it’s your deceased grams or a civil war soldier in full battle gear, ghosts are creepy AF. And if you like to be creeped out, I’ll let my cute little grandma know (if she ever stops by again) and tell her to head your way. But if you don’t, well, we hope you stay ghost-free and doors don’t start randomly closing by themselves in your kitchen.

I consider myself to be a fairly sensible person. I won't come out & say that my house is haunted or that I have ghosts, but......there is something....... not right....... about this house.

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Once my sister and I stayed at a "haunted" plantation home. While lying awake in bed I got that paralyzing feeling of electric current passing through my body. It was totally real and I was wide awake. Still don't know what to think about it

Confessional #19913523

Really beginning to think my house is haunted. Keep smelling odd smells and came out of the bathroom to the basement door wide open when I was home alone and it was closed 5 minutes prior.

Confessional #20574257

I have lived in more than 1 haunted house. I sense things. I see and hear things, it is scary and creepy and I do not like it

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Once you’ve experienced it, you know. And you can’t un-know it or unsee it. You’re basically haunted by the feeling now, which I guess is the whole point.

I grew up in a 160 year old haunted house. Spirits were there and could be seen occasionally, but didn't bother anyone. I'm normally a cynic about everything and if I say I believe in ghosts people look at me like I'm crazy.

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I’m fed up with nobody believing me when I say this house is fucking haunted.

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I'm glad BIL mentioned in front of DH that he thinks our house is haunted. It gave me a little bit of credibility&maybe DH won't scoff at me anymore when I tell him about my experiences when he's gone. The shit never happens when he's home. Of course.

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It sucks when others don’t experience hauntings, so they don’t believe you or they think you’re off your rocker. It’s like no, Carl, I just saw a little girl ghost ride her tricycle through my living room so can you cut me some slack FFS.

my in-laws are convinced this old (100+years) house we moved into is haunted. MIL refuses to set foot inside it. I may never leave...

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I don't really care if I never get to travel abroad. I just want to explore ghost towns and visit haunted places in the US.

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I wish I could live in the Haunted Mansion at Disney or in the house from Tales from the Crypt.

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Not everyone hates the idea though. There are definitely those ghost-hunters who can’t get enough of that creepy skin-crawling feeling that there’s a guy from the great beyond standing right next to them. And then, there’s just the added benefit of avoiding your MIL. That one might be worth it though.

I was writing a different confession when an ad popped up. Now I have to state that I really, really hate scary movies. And all scary stuff... like I can't go to 'haunted' houses because I punch the actors.

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I am a smart, competent, 32 yr old mother and wife. I become paralyzed with fear about ghosts, still. I keep all the lights on when DH is gone. I really think my house is haunted. Thought this would have passed by now.

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Either there is a ghost in my attic, or someone is living up there. The idea of it being occupied by an actual person scares me tons more than the idea of it being haunted by spirits.

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I keep seeing shit moving out the corner of my eye & its freaking me out. Not sure if house is haunted or if I need to chill or both.

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Sometimes we wonder if it’s our fears playing tricks on our mind, or if we really actually saw something move in the corner. Either way, when our kids’ toys start playing music on their own at 1 A.M., that shit’s fucked up and now we won’t sleep for days.

Was convince our house was haunted growing up. Found out a girl died in my bedroom.

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My mom's basement has been haunted for about 15 years. My brother went to the graveyard yesterday and realized our long deceased infant brother's gravestone had been completely covered over. He cleaned it up nicely. Maybe things will settle down now.

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Starting to become irrationally nervous that our house is haunted. DD keeps waving and pointing at her closet. I watch to many scary movies.

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So yeah, the feeling that your house may be haunted can be… well, unsettling to say the least. Especially when your kid says some creepy ass shit like “Mommy, I just talked to the man in the closet” and then you’re like, “Welp! We’re moving.”

If you’re a ghost-hunter, you do you, and feel free to take allllll the ghosts with you. Expect my grandma. She can stay, especially if she says I did a good job with my apple pie.

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