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Single Mom Gets Real About Coparenting With Her Ex: “It’s The Worst Thing Ever”

Popular TikTok creator Maia Knight shared her brutally honest take on sharing custody of her twin girls.

Maia Knight / TikTok

Coparenting can be a messy, tricky journey. There’s so much compromise and sacrifice involved, even in the most amicable of situations, when it comes to sharing custody of kids. Schedules, parenting style differences, and messy breakups can make the idea of coparenting seem like a nightmare.

Maia Knight — a popular TikTok creator who went viral for her single motherhood journey raising twin girls — recently shared a very honest and vulnerable video where she confessed at how her coparenting journey had been detrimental to her mental health, breaking down in the clip.

“Coparenting with your ex is the worst thing ever,” she begins.

“Like, imagine the worst relationship you've ever had, the worst breakup you've ever had. Normally you just wouldn't have to see that person ever again, like, yeah it sucked, and you dealt with it, and you got through it, and now you're moving on with your life. But now imagine that happened and you have two kids with that person so you have to see them literally every single week. Like it's so horrible.”

She goes on to explain that seeing, speaking, and working with a person who you don’t want to be around can be extremely draining and hurtful to a person’s mental health, admitting that she’s struggling in the current phase of parenting she is in with her ex.

“It's so bad for your mental health. And I do not want my kids to deal with that but there's only so much you can do, you know? I don't know,” she admitted.

Knight also notes that the bright side to her complicated relationship has been the support she’s gotten from other single parents, thanking her followers and giving some support to others dealing with a hard coparenting situation.

“And if you're a single parent dealing with the shit right now, you're not alone. And it sucks and hopefully it gets better. But I'm still at the early stages of everything when stuff is still happening and stuff is still fresh with everyone. So yeah hopefully we can figure out a shit for the girls but uh it sucks and it's so hard. But it is what it is.”

She captioned the viral post, “I’m hopeful that life will get better and easier but this shit is hard. Love you guys and I’m so thankful for you❤️❤️”

After gaining over 2 million views, Knight’s comment section was flooded with words of support and camaraderie with users sharing their own plights of coparenting.

“Probably your most vulnerable post ever… it gets easier. Stand your ground, always trust your instincts!!! Momma knows best. Hugs I’ve been there,” one user wrote.

“The greatest gift my parents ever did was never speak one unkind word about my other parent through a bad divorce. You got it, you’re a great mom,” another wrote.

One user recommended, “Almost 4 years later and I still struggle! They have apps that you can use strictly for communication with co parent so everything is 100% documented!”

“Babe, I have a 16 year old son that I share with my abusive, narcissistic ex. You are not alone. All you can be is the best parent you can be. 💜,” another wrote.

Others offered words of encouragement to Knight, promising her that coparent can get better as the years go by.

“It does get better! I am on my 18 yr. Almost finished. I decided a long time ago to be friendly w him. It made it all easier for everyone,” one user wrote.

Another echoed, “Oh girl it does get better. I dealt with 2 exs I had to coparent with. You stand your ground and always be the adult in the situation when they can't”