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Whoops — A Mom Accidentally Bought A Totally Inappropriate Gift For Her Toddler

"This is what I get for online shopping at 3 a.m."

A mom was surprised to find that the Christmas gift she bought for her son was totally inappropriate...

We’ve all made gift-buying mistakes in the past. Especially when shopping online. A wrong size, a wrong item, a wrong color. But this mom made a huge mistake when trying to fulfill her three-year-old son’s Christmas dreams — and it’s also pretty hilarious.

Dani Morin is a TikTok mom who is mostly known for her child safety advocacy. But this week, she’s better known for the enormous (and funny) mistake she made while holiday shopping. The video she posted about the mix-up has been viewed 200,000 times in 24 hours and comments are pouring in.

“Major mom fail and no time to fix it,” she captioned the video.

In the video, we see Morin opening a package that she bought for her kid for Christmas. The toddler is obsessed with monster trucks, so she bought him a 2024 wall calendar, as he requested.

But something isn’t quite right.

“What is this? No! This isn’t Monster Jam,” she exclaims as she flips through the calendar, referencing a popular monster truck event company.

Then her facial expression turns from confused to shocked.

“I cannot give this to my three year old,” she says. “You want me to give this to my three year old, you guys? Do give my three-year-old the nudie calendar?”

At this point, she opens the calendar and shows the camera what she’s found — revealing a scantily clad model straddling a monster truck tire for the month of March.

Oh no.

“Monster Jam is a family-friendly organization,” she says in disbelief. “This is not monster jam. This is what you get moms when you are ordering things off the internet at 3 a.m.

She continues to stare at the calendar, obviously in a tight jam.

“I’m wrapping it,” she jokes at the end of the video.

In the end, her cautionary tale should send shivers down the backs of busy moms shopping haphazardly on the internet late at night.

“I really need to start reading reviews,” she says in the comments section. “And also Monster Jam needs to make a calendar that is easily available to order. End rant.”

Down in the comments, people had way too much fun reacting to the present fail.

“I died when I saw her spread eagle on the tire,” one person wrote.

“I’mma tell my son it’s mommmy,” Danni responded.

“Are you sure it wasn’t MONSTER CLAM?” asked another.

“This happened to us with a monster truck dvd from Walmart in 2011. Wet. Tshirt. Constest,” shared another.

To be fair to Dani, when you look up the Monster Truck Throwdown wall calendar online, it absolutely does not show the sexy monster truck ladies in any of the pictures. So, she could have taken a close look at it and still not realized that it wasn’t toddler material.

Perhaps the best part of this post, though? Several moms let Dani know that Monster Jam has calendars available at Dollar Tree this season — and she will be able to save Christmas after all.