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This Mom Explained Why She Thinks Having Your First Baby In Your 30s Is The Best

"I have zero FOMO."

@astylechild / TikTok

When I had my first daughter, I was rocked by the change. I grieved my old life for a long time. I couldn’t grasp the concept of no longer being able to do what I wanted when I wanted. There was a significant adjustment period. Most of my friends were child-free, still going out for beers and buying concert tickets last minute. I couldn’t do that anymore, and I felt sad about it.

It took some time to adjust to my “new life” as a mom, and of course, now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One mom noticed that having a child later in her adult life made all the difference when it came to those FOMO feelings, saying that being a mom at 33 years old is a “10/10” experience.

“Becoming a first-time mom at 33, 10 out of 10, hear me out,” Kristie began in her TikTok video.

“So, I know technically it's not recommended because you have a more difficult pregnancy, maybe a harder time getting pregnant. Maybe you don't bounce back as quickly, which what does that even mean? And maybe you're more tired, but the pros are pro-ing,” she said.

She goes on to explain that she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out on anything by being at home with her infant because it’s all a little “been there, done that” for her.

“Well, one, in my 20s, emotionally, mentally, financially, I was not ready to be a mom. I had 15 years of being selfish, so I had no FOMO,” she explained.

“This has been such an amazing time. I haven't done a lot in the past three and a half months. I'm just kind of soaked in the time with my daughter. Not watching everybody's Instagram stories, traveling or going out to dinner or going out on the weekends. And I'm not like, ‘I wish I was doing that.’ I'm like, ‘I've already done that. I've already done that a lot.’”

She continued, “And I'm really grateful that I had that time, and now I'm ready to live quietly and just enjoy the little things.”

Several users commented on Kristie’s post, agreeing that having kids a little bit later in life made all the difference in their postpartum mental health. Others assured her that 33 is still super young!

“I just turned 30, and the thought of having children anytime soon is WILD to me,” one user wrote.

“34 with a 2 month old! PhD, JD done and more secure and no fomo! We lived and ate well!” another said.

“First time mom at 37 I definitely wouldn’t change a thing,” another wrote.

One mom mentioned, “100%. Had my first baby at 33 and I cannot imagine having one in my 20’s!! I’m glad I had my selfish time pre baby ❤️”

“Pregnant with my first at 33. I’m glad I waited! I got to finish college, travel & get all the party & selfishness out of my system. Plus we’re still young!” another mentioned.