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This Dad's Clever Clothing Trick Helps Avoid Morning Meltdowns With His Daughter

His wife says the options help prevent a "7 AM fire drill" the next morning.

This dad took matters into his own hands after countless chaotic mornings and presented his daughter...
Cindy Camponovo / TikTok

This dad decided to take matters into his own hands after countless mornings of trying to get ready for school, leading to tears and arguments about school outfits. Cindy Camponovo posted a TikTok video of her husband presenting his five-year-old daughter with four different outfit choices for the next day.

As the little girl sits in her comfy chair, Camponovo’s husband goes down the line of each ensemble, describing the vibe of each choice as if he were her personal stylist. (Actually, he kind of is?)

“I'm going to pick out four outfits for you tomorrow morning. So, we're going to pick one now, but we don't have to fight,” he says to his daughter.

First up: an adorable “flower power” style outfit with some matching Nikes.

He continued: “I have Polo prep with matching navy loafers. I have a beautiful pearl option with Barbie. Okay? And last but not least, I have cool kid on the block with skinny jeans, BAPE sweater and matching red shoes. Please take a look and let me know what's your choice.”

The five-year-old then peruses the selections set out by her dad and lands on the flower power outfit.

“That's what you're going with. Alright, so let's shake on it. Is that your final choice?” he asks as his daughter confirms her choice once more.

“And you're going to lock it in? So no arguing in the morning guys?” Camponovo asks.

“No, no arguing tomorrow morning. Okay. This is recorded for quality assurance, okay?” dad jokes.

After sharing the video to her TikTok, Camponovo’s comment section was filled with users praising her husband for his clever idea.

“He was definitely made to be a girl dad like we love 😭,” one user said.

The OP replied, “100%…he has a clothes journal for his own outfits so he doesn’t wear the same outfits to work too many times 😂😂”

“It’s the fact she has him presenting like it’s shark tank 🦈✨,” another joked.

“Wait he chose really cute outfits!! I love this,” another said.”

“He takes a lot of pride in her outfits it’s really endearing,” Camponovo replied.

Another user noted that this kind of preparation the night before school would have been so helpful for her growing up as someone who struggled from anxiety.

“As someone who struggled with anxiety a lot even as a kiddo… this would have been so helpful to help me mentally prepare for my day at school. I do this now as an adult but love implementing early✨,” she wrote.

Dad is actually totally onto something here. No parent likes the stress and chaos of a morning mayhem. Lining up a kid’s clothes the night before will save so much time and energy in the morning that could be used for eating breakfast, finishing up an assignment, or just taking a beat before another busy day at school.