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This Influencer's "Monthly Family Apocalypse Training Drill" Is Making The Internet Lose Their Minds

No one can tell if she's serious.

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One influencer has the entire internet wondering if she’s being serious after she shared a glimpse i...
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Having an emergency kit for storm blackouts or a natural disaster is always a good idea. And flashlights, blankets, bottled water, a first aid kit, and a radio are some good items to keep on hand just in case you end up in a less-than-idea situation at home or in your car.

And having a plan or a binder in case of a fire or disaster that you share with your family is never a bad idea.

However, there are some that take this kind of “prepping” a bit too far, or totally miss the mark on having right stuff to survive during a natural disaster or catastrophic world event.

One mom influencer has the entire internet wondering if she’s being serious or is just an expert at trolling after she shared a glimpse into her family’s monthly apocalypse training drill.

TikTok content creator and mom Christi Fritz shared that every month, she and her family go through a “training drill” in case there’s a World War III or similar event that would halt everyday life. And it is wild.

“This is something our family does every single month to prepare for an apocalypse type event, such as World War 3 or something similar,” she begins.

She goes on to explain that she and her husband turned part of their unfinished basement in a “bunker” for retreat if something were to go down.

“We make a checklist and make sure that the bunker has everything we need in case of an emergency — food, water, energy drinks, and gift cards in case we lose access to our bank. So, we got everything ready and then headed to the bunker,” she continued.

Gift cards? During an apocalypse? Ok, Fritz!

Next up on the checklist for this family’s apocalypse training drill is their clothing, which Fritz says are “military-grade.”

“We have camouflage cargo pants, and once a month we like to come down here, go through these, put them in the wash and just make sure everything is fresh and clean. We don't want it to start to smell from sitting down here for too long,” she says.

We wouldn’t want stinky clothes while nuclear bombs are going off. Priorities, people!

Things really start to take a turn in the video when Fritz lists off more of the must-have items she has in the bunker including a ring light (so she can still “make videos”), Christmas decorations, and an entire cart of expensive skin care items because you need Drunk Elephant bronzing drops while WWIII is going on, duh!

After the video went viral, most TikTok users couldn’t fathom Fritz’s decisions behind what she chose to keep in her emergency bunker, like ring lights and skin care, commenting with genuine concern. Others wondered if she was just totally trolling everyone with this wild ride of a video.

“This seems like something that would be good to talk about with a therapist,” one user wrote.

One user wrote, “In a hypothetical apocalypse you have your skin care and makeup cart?”

The OP replied, “Yes!”

Some TikTokers put their feelings more bluntly, with one user simply writing, “This is insane.”

In another video, Fritz explains the “reasoning” behind her unusual family ritual.

“We live in Ohio, and it's actually really common over here,” she explains. “The world seriously keeps getting crazier and crazier every day, so you can never be too prepared.”

“We always start by going over our list and just making sure we have everything and then running to the store to get anything we need to stock up on. MREs, canned food, anything that's not perishable, water bottles. It's kind of like we turn our basement into an underground bunker that we can live in and has everything we need.”

She goes on to explain that the bunker also serves as a studio so she can still continue to make TikToks while hunkering down during a nuclear fallout.

“ also just check up on my little ring light station in the basement. That way, if we ever need to stay down there, I can still film. I have like a little desk set up, a ring light, a bunch of portable chargers, so if we run out of electricity, I can still make videos,” she says with zero sarcasm.

Before signing off, she recognizes that this whole family apocalypse drill thing “sounds crazy,” but encourages everyone to do the same!

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