Mom Seeks Advice After Child Receives Inappropriate Note From Another Child’s Parents

“I am trying to handle properly so I don’t let my anger get the best of me and I go off on a parent.”

What would you do if your child received an intense and ominous note from another parent?
@wickatoria89 / TikTok

What would you do if your child received an intense and ominous note, and you soon learned that an adult wrote the note? One mom is wondering what to do about this very situation.

TikTok mom Victoria asked her followers if she was in the wrong for being so upset about the note that her child received after a few altercations with another kid at camp, asking what others would do in this same situation.

“OK, I’m needing parenting advice and I would like to know how other people would handle the situation because I am trying to handle a certain situation properly so I don’t let my anger get the best of me and I go off on a parent,” she begins in her viral video.

She explains that her 7-year-old son and another kid at the summer camp they both attend have gotten into a couple of arguments.

“Camp counselors have noticed it. They said something to my son, said something to this other kid, also talked to me about it and also to the other parent. They did not tell me who this other child is for safety, privacy, that’s fine, I don’t care,” she continued.

“My kid shouldn’t be mean to anybody no matter who they are. I ... at length talked to my child, so did dad, explaining we treat people the way we want to be treated and that we are nice and we don’t do those things. We are at camp to make friends, not to make enemies. Be nice and stop your garbage.”

Although Victoria believed everything would simmer after that, the situation only became worse.

The next day at camp, her husband witnessed the other boy hand his son a note.

“So then today, this morning, dad takes son to camp. He is watching our son go into camp. There is a grandmother and her grandson sitting there ... Apparently the woman stares at my child and says to her grandson, ‘Is that the little boy?’ The little boy says, ‘Yes.’ She says, ‘OK, go give this to him.’ Hands boy a note. Boy goes and hands the note to my 7-year-old son.”

Victoria’s husband intervened, reading the note for himself, and quickly proceeded to get the camp involved again because he quickly noticed that the child did not write the note but instead by the boy’s parents.

“So pretty much the note that was handed to my child was not written by a child. It was written by parents, by parents yelling and bullying my son. I’m going to let you read the note here in a minute. Y’all let me know what you would do and what you think. I personally don’t feel like I’m overreacting. We informed the camp counselor, camp counselor even said, ‘I’ve been teaching for 32 years and I have never seen an adult write a child — a 7-year-old who can barely read — a note like this,” she concluded before showing the note in question.

The note reads: “Ethan, Please STAY AWAY from [name of boy]! Do not talk to him! Do not touch him! Do not even look at him! You guys do not get along! I do not want to hear another incident that involves you! Keep your hands + your mouth to yourself!!!”

Unsurprisingly, several TikTok users stood by Victoria in her anger over the note, disgusted that parents would write such an aggressive note to a young child.

“That note should be grounds to remove that family from camp. Period,” one user wrote.

“Inappropriate behavior by the other parents should of called for immediate termination of their contract with the summer camp... While it was not the little boys fault the parents overstepped...” another echoed.

One user agreed that the note was totally out of line, but asked the OP for a little more information on the entire situation.

“Although the note is out of line I feel like we aren’t getting the full story of what’s actually taken place between them?” they asked.

Victoria replied, “The counselors simply told me they were playing and then at one point they started arguing and calling one another names. This has happened a few times when they played together.”

Regardless of whether this isn’t the “full story” or not, no parent should be writing any note of any kind to a child that is not their own. This is pretty unhinged behavior, and now their child may have to suffer the consequences (i.e. removal from camp) because his parents decided to act way out of line. How did they see this going well?