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A Pediatrician Explains Why 8-Year-Old Girls Are The Best Humans On Earth

“In my opinion, Congress should be all 8-year-old girls.”

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A Colorado pediatrician shared why 8-year-old girls are the best kinds of humans in a now-viral TikT...
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There is definite debate when it comes to what age is “the best” when it comes to parenting kids. Some argue that it doesn’t get better than the snuggly newborn stage while other parents swear the “sweet spot” is 18 months. Other parents believe that kids are at their peak once they finally get out of the toddler stage. Obviously, this is all dependent on the child, their environment, and genetics.

However, one Colorado pediatrician and father of seven swears that it does not get any better than 8-year-old girls.

Dr. Michael Milobsky — a pediatrician in Castle Rock, Colorado — shared his viewpoints in a now-viral TikTok about what age he thinks takes the cake when it comes to kids. First, Milobsky gives his credentials in order to make such a general claim.

“I spend all day dealing and talking to and interacting with people of all ages, from newborns,” he begins.

“I just have to say in my own experience as a pediatrician and a parent of seven [that] the highest form of humanity are eight-year-old girls.”

He then goes on to list all the wonderful qualities that 8-year-old girls possess including their big hearts and giving nature.

“Eight-year-old girls are magnanimous. They're sympathetic. They're empathetic. They're emotionally mature. They love to help. They love to give. They love to do for others. They’re accepting of everybody. They always, they're the ones who see the sign for the lost cat and want to go find it,” he says in the video that has now amassed over 250k views.

“They are just the best people.”

Milobsky then jokes that because the magic they posses, the U.S. Congress could be made up entirely of 8-year-old girls. “Honestly, the country would be a better place. I said what I said,” he concludes.

The doctor’s comment section was filled with moms who voiced their opinions on Milobsky’s take. “I feel like 8 is that sweet spot where they’ve aged out of absolute self-centeredness, but the sexist world hasn’t ground the whimsy out of them yet,” one TikTok user wrote in a heart wrenching (but true) comment.

A school librarian chimed in and said, “So true. I’m a librarian. Saturday, I saw an 8yo girl holding a stressed dad’s 6mo baby for two hours straight!!! It was the CUTEST THING EVER!”

“And you just explained without apology why I have taught Second Grade for 27 years. They are magical beings,” another user said.

In a follow-up video, Milobsky opens up about his opinions on 8-year-old boys, noting that their superpower is “intense collaboration to accomplish something.”

“There in the neighborhood with packs of bicycles, going to do something and accomplish something and have an experience or have an adventure. If eight-year-old girls should be running Congress, eight-year-old boys should be running the Army Corps of Engineers,” he said.

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