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This Mom Can’t Wait For Her Son’s "Sandlot Summer" After He Befriended Neighborhood Kids

“I feel like a mom in a ‘90s nostalgia film.”

This mom is convinced her son is about to have his first “Sandlot Summer."
@christinakayscheftic / TikTok

A mom couldn’t hold in her excitement after sharing that her son befriended some of the kids in their neighborhood. Not only is she making some adult friends for herself, she’s also convinced her son is about to have his first Sandlot Summer.”

So, you’re probably wondering: what in the hell is a Sandlot summer? Well, TikTok mom and content creator, Christina Scheftic can fill you in.

“I think the course of our whole f**king summer may have changed on a whim the other night when my son decided to befriend neighbors from down the street,” she begins in her now-viral video.

“Okay, he's about to have a Sandlot summer. You're like, what's a Sandlot summer? You remember in The Sandlot when Smalls suddenly befriended a whole f**king baseball team of boys? My son is not Smalls, okay? He's more like Ham, personality-wise. And because he's a ginger, I digress. However, you know how they were just bebopping around on their bikes all f**king summer? Just da-da-da-nah-nah-nah-nah. Getting into trouble. That's about to be my son with these boys this summer.”

“Every single day since we've met them the other night, one of them has showed up on a bike, at our house ... ‘Can you still come out and play?’ I feel like a fucking mom in a 90s nostalgia film. It's really cool. But also, hell yeah, get your ass out ... go play!”

She also noted that his recent friendships have been beneficial for her as well.

“Making adult friends is really hard, and I've got to tell you, the fact that we have a child who is social and these people have children who are social that want to f**king hang out every single day. That has already forced us to hang out twice,” she explained.

“I give it two hours ‘till these parents come down looking for their boys, and we end up in an hour-long chit-chat again. Not even mad about it. I think this is how adults make friends. We’re making friends!”

After her post gained traction, several TikTok users commented on the sweet sentiment.

“Give him the 90's summer!!!” one user wrote.

“They left last night on their bikes saying ‘see you tomorrow’ 🤘🏼” the OP replied.

“THE BEST SUMMERS are ahead. I miss these days now that mine are grown,” another wrote.

The OP responded, “I know I had a yard full of bikes & giggles last night ✨”

“Nothing beats an 80s/90s summer… for kids AND parents! It’s so rare to find these days… embrace it all! So excited for you!!!!!” one mom wrote.

One mom wrote, “I bawled my eyes out when I lay in bed listening to my teenagers and their friends making and eating snacks in the kitchen that last summer before they moved away for school…hang on to those moments!!”

Scheftic’s boy is about to embark on a summer filled with pick up games of basketball and trips to the convenience store for candy. His nights will be spent on the trampoline, doing flips and making jokes. He will get a few months with no stress or homework or hectic schedules. He’ll just have his bike and friends down the street.

Sounds like we could all use a Sandlot summer.