Stay-At-Home Mom Wonders If She's Should Be Responsible For Cooking Every Single Meal For Her Husband

"Life’s tough — this is your job,” he told her.

A pregnant stay-at-home mom turned to Reddit's "Am I The Asshole?" thread after refusing to cook for...
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There might not be much discourse when it comes to this newly-viral “Am I The Asshole?” thread on Reddit because there is no way anyone can side with this completely neanderthal of a man.

A stay-at-home mom asked Reddit users if she’s in the wrong after her husband got upset when she refused to make him three meals a day, seven days a week.

“I have three kids and am currently pregnant with my fourth. I left work to take care of our kids. My husband thinks that because I don’t work outside the house it’s my responsibility to take care of ALL duties related to the house and kids,” she wrote.

Even after the first paragraph, it’s hard not to take a clear side.

“You name it — cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, homework, school activities, drop offs, etc. On top of everything I do, he also expects me to make all of his meals — breakfast lunch and dinner,” she continues.

After the utter exhaustion of handling three kids during the summertime, being pregnant, plus doing every single household task and mental labor, she’s vented to her husband about how tired she is.

Not only did he tell her to suck it up and deal with it, but he told her that he thinks she actually has the easier job because she “doesn’t work.”

Due to being at her complete limit and also putting her put down at her husband’s complete lack of respect and empathy, she’s stopped making him dinner.

“The last two nights I’ve refused to make him dinner and he’s acting like I’m a useless ‘horrible’ wife. Why can’t he stop at the store after work and pick himself something up? Or look at what we have in the fridge and make something?” she asked.

Instead of being a competent grown ass man and making himself something to eat, he decides to instead b*tch and complain about how hungry he is within ear shot of his wife.

“When he’s hungry, he’ll constantly say ‘I’m starving, I’m so hungry etc’ being passive aggressive to let me know he wants me to make him something. I’m completely undervalued and unappreciated. Am I an asshole for putting my foot down and refusing to wait on him hand and foot?”

Due to the absolute unhinged nature of this “AITA,” thousands of Reddit users sided with the burnt out mom, encouraging her to stand up for herself and putting her worthless husband on absolute blast.

“NTA. Unless your husband is working 16 hours a day, he had better start stepping up. You're doing the work of babysitter, cook, cleaner, and personal shopper. How many jobs is he doing?” one user wrote in a comment upvoted over 10k times.

One user wrote, “Seriously! I’m a stay at home mom too, and even when my husband works 14 hour days he makes his own breakfast.”

“Yeah, like what he's gonna do when he's single?” one user joked.

But seriously, what kind of partnership is this? Imagine if this man who has the superpower of weaponized incompetence on lock walked one day in his pregnant wife’s shoes. He’d be begging to switch back.