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People Are Melting Over Two Teen Boys Who Spoil Their Baby Sister With Love

Try not to watch this one on a loop.

When you think about teenaged boys, you might think about some stereotypes. That they might be self-centered or withdrawn or shut up in their room. That they might not exactly wear their emotions on their sleeves or be openly loving or interested in family stuff. That they may shy away from girlie stuff and lean into socialized gender roles.

Well, not all teen boys. Right now the internet is totally obsessed with a couple of teen boys who are all about loving their little baby sister. It’s wholesome masculinity at its best, and the TikTok videos that their mom, Celeste, posts are incredibly re-watchable. It restores your faith in humanity and give you hope for the next generation of men.

It all started at the beginning of the month, when Celeste posted a video of her two boys, JJ and Tylen, arriving home from school on Halloween, and making a beeline for their kid sister. It is just too cute.

The boys enter the room, give their mom a kiss, and immediately want to love on the baby.

“Mommy,” the JJ says, “Where’s Serenity?”

“Asleep,” Celeste says.

Well, that doesn’t stop them. One gently takes the baby from her bassinet and they’re off on their love fest.

“Serenity is coming outside too, right?”

“She’s not feeling good,” mom answers.

At this news, the baby is covered in even more love and kisses.

“You’re not feeling good?” Tylen asks the little baby, snuggling the baby tight.

And then the kids are off. Serenity is whisked away by one brother while the other one takes a moment to “borrow” mom’s space heater before everyone is gone in a flash. Was that a brotherly baby-napping?

The video has racked up over nine million views and 20,000 comments since it went up on November 1.

Down in the comments, people couldn’t get enough of the sweet family, especially the love from teenaged brother to baby sister.

“We know who’s baby that is cause they came in and ignored everything,” one person wrote.

“The way all 3 of their heads mushed together like cats/lions do affectionately 😭🥰 you can feel the love glowing from this room,” another said.

“Mama don’t have to worry about nothing, that’s their baby. You just there,” another joked.

And more than one person for sure noticed that Celeste’s mothering skill are out of this world.

“Girl you are MOTHERING❤️❤️. The love these babies know!! This video screams happy, loved and taken care of,” one person wrote.

“They were raised with so much love in their home,” another said.

And if you get tired of watching that short clip (I haven’t yet, but if you do), Celeste’s entire feed is filled with warm fuzzy videos of her family’s love-filled life. Serenity spends a lot of time in both boys’ arms, or in their rooms hanging out while they watch TV and play video games like any teens.

The video when the kids find out that they’ve gone viral is also lovely, for example.

In another video, Celeste shares a bit of her life story: her struggles as a single mom as well as how her two boys have been with her and supported her every step of the way, including through her tough pregnancy.

“Many may feel giving birth in front their kids may be to graphic, but my boys wanted to be by my side and share the moment,” she shared in the caption. “The oldest held my hand and my youngest waited to cut the umbilical cord. I couldn't have made it through my 9 month pregnancy if it wouldn't have been for my boys taking care of their momma, encouraging me daily, of course a few family and friends. As a struggling mom, still trying to work 2 jobs, feeling ashamed throughout my entire pregnancy. I didn't even announce it until the ending, I actually hid my pregnancy. Times when I couldn't get out of bed to get water, food, whatever they made sure I was straight. My youngest wanted to go to my first ultrasound appointment.”

The video is a series of pictures from Serenity’s birth, and the boys are there at every moment, supporting and loving their mom.