The 75 Cheapest, Most Clever Things On Amazon Prime Now

Life-enhancing products don’t have to be expensive.

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As a savvy connoisseur of the internet, you probably come across much-hyped products that you may or may not be interested in buying. (Hi, me too.) It isn’t often, however, that I see lists jam-packed with so many inexpensive Amazon Prime products that are equal parts clever and life-enhancing — like this list right here.

Scroll through Amazon’s most affordable and brilliant products. From an ice cube tray that makes perfectly round ice cubes to an outdoor hammock for the whole family, there’s literally something for everyone.


This iPhone Charger That Fits In Even Your Smallest Purse

Simply plug this portable iPhone charger into your phone for an on-the-go charge. It can even charge your phone while the device itself is being charged back up. This compact charger is the size of a lipstick tube and comes in seven color options.


This Weighted Sleep Mask That Blocks Out 100% Of Light

Sleep harder and longer when using this gentle pressure sleep mask that completely blocks out light. Dubbed the ‘weighted blanket for your eyes’ it has an adjustable strap that helps it stay put no matter which direction you sleep in. Dual material offers a cooling side and a warm side, and you can even toss it in the freezer for more cooling relief.


These Warming Slippers That Can Be Heated Up In The Microwave

Get ready for chilly days with these incredibly soft foot warmers. They might look like slippers, but they actually work like heating pads for your feet. Fragranced with lavender and mint aromatherapy, they’re designed to help you relieve foot pain and relax. You can even toss them in the freezer for cooling relief.


This Fan-Fave Scalp Sunscreen That Protects Your Head From The Sun

COOLA’s scalp spray and hair sunscreen will protect your scalp from burning for about 80 minutes before needing another spritz. The 2-ounce spray formula offers water-resistant, reef-friendly 30 SPF coverage and has a non-oily finish. Fans love the ‘Ocean Salted Sage’ scent and the fact that it nourishes hair will preventing sunburn.

One shopper reported, “I finally found a scalps unscreen that doesn’t change the color of my hair! Love this stuff!”


These Ice Globes For Leveling Up Your Skin Routine (& They’re Great For Headaches, Too)

There are several benefits of these ice globes, aka cryo-facial massagers. They can help relieve headaches, sinus pain, and stress — not to mention revive your skin thanks to their ability to soothe inflammation and improve circulation. One shopper gushed, “Best beauty product ever!”


This Rechargeable Book Light That’ll Last Up To 80 Hours

You deserve to read your book in bed using this LED book light, so you can avoid having to get up to turn off the light when you’re done. The light clips onto your book and has three brightness levels with a blue light filter so you’re not interfering with the Zzz’s. Plus, it’s rechargeable via USB-C and can last up to 80 hours on a single charge.


This Electric Candle Lighter That Doesn’t Have A Flame

Perfect for heading into cozy season, this electric lighter can light a candle without a flame. Its angled head and long wand make it easy to reach any candle’s wick — and get it burning without any odor. The lithium battery is fully rechargeable via USB.


This Electronic Organizer For All Your Cords

Make your travel life — or just everyday life — easier by putting all your cords in this electronics organizer. You can store various cables and chargers in the mesh pockets and elastic holders, as well as thumb drives, SD cards, and battery backups. There’s even a spot for your smartphone and wireless headphones. The pack zips to keep everything in place, too.


This Exfoliating Brush With Over 14,000 5-Star Ratings

If you use this exfoliating silicone brush before you shave or after a wax, it’ll help prevent ingrown hairs and razor bumps. The firm and flexible bristles double as a full body exfoliator, too.

“I love this item so much that I've gifted several,” one reviewer noted. “It's used on my bikini area as well as upper arms and works fabulously for both preventing and unfurling ingrown hair as well as unclogging keratosis pilaris prone skin.”


This Cult-Fave Lip Sleep Mask That’s Worth The Hype

Regular ol’ lip balm only lasts for so long, but this Lip Sleeping Mask will moisturize and hydrate your lips all night long. The leave-on night balm is available in six flavors, and fans swear that it’s “worth the hype.” One shopper noted, “It’s dangerously good.”


A Gratitude Journal To Inspire Daily Positivity

Manifest positive energy and self-reflection with this gratitude journal. It’s jam-packed with weekly challenges, daily highlights and affirmations, inspirational quotes, and mindfulness exercises. It can even help establish healthy habits. The richly covered journal is available in 11 colors.

One shopper raved, “I love the fabric cover and the texture of the pages. I really enjoy the fact that it asks you the same exact questions every day [...]. It's interesting to look back and see how you've grown, changed and learned how to approach life differently.”


This Makeup Eraser That Only Requires Water

All you have to do is add water to this machine-washable makeup eraser, and it’ll remove mascara (even the waterproof kind), eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, and more. The makeup eraser comes in 13 colors, and it promises to last up to five years.


This Must-Have Detangling Brush That’ll Get The Knots Out

Whether your child regularly has knotty hair or you need a better brush to get your own tangles out, this detangling brush will get the job done without any tears (that’s the goal, anyway). Unique cone-shaped bristles work to separate the hair without ripping it, and you can use it on wet or dry strands. The highly rated brush comes in several color options and in packs of one or two.


This Mountable Key Holder That Can Also Hold Your Wallet

Keep track of your keys, your wallet, your AirPods, or other small items by placing them on this key holder. It comes with screws and anchors needed to mount it to a wall, as well adhesive strips for easier installation. The black matte design looks good anywhere, from an entryway to a bathroom.


This Best-Selling Handheld Mini Fan

Stay cool no matter where you are with this rechargeable handheld mini fan. The fan comes with a strap to wear on your wrist or you can place it on your desk. It folds up easily to fit in your pocket. The battery can last for up to 21 hours on one charge, so you can use the fan as needed without worrying about it running out of juice. It comes in five color options.


This Rug Gripper To Keep The Corners Down

These corner rug grippers will keep all four corners of your rug from curling, preventing you and your family from constantly tripping. The V-shaped rubber grippers feature weatherproof adhesive so you can use them indoors and out, on everything from hardwood floors to patio tile and more.


This Ice Cube Tray That Makes Perfectly Round Ice

Add the perfect ice cubes to your cocktails or mocktails with this round ice cube tray. Included are two sturdy plastic trays, an ice bucket with a lid, and a scooper. In just 4 hours in the freezer, your ice will be ready to be enjoyed.


This Nonstick Egg Pan For The Best Breakfast Creations

This granite egg pan is designed to make perfectly round omelets, over-easy eggs, pancakes, and more. Made of a nonstick granite material, the easy-to-clean, 4-cup egg maker heats up faster than a traditional pan and evenly cooks, making breakfast prep go a little quicker.

One shopper reported, “Fits nicely on an English muffin. You can cook one egg, one frozen pre-cooked sausage patty and two halves of an English muffin all at the same time to make a complete sandwich.”


These Travel-Size Perfume Bottles You Can Throw In Your Purse

Instead of bringing along a full bottle of perfume on your next vacation (or even to the gym), simply pump a small amount of your favorite scents into these mini refillable containers. Each container has a small window that lets you see how much perfume is left. You get four leakproof bottles in the set, although two- and three-piece sets are also on offer.


These Wine Spouts That Aerate As You Pour

This set of easy-to-clean wine aerators infuses the right amount of oxygen into your wine to enhance the flavor and nose notes. The aerator’s rubber base helps prevent drips and spills, which really helps you live your no-wine-left-behind life. Choose from three colors: chardonnay, pinot noir, or rosé.


This Micro Popcorn Popper For The Perfect Snack

With this micro popcorn popper, you can stop making enough popcorn for the entire neighborhood. The dual function lid measures the serving size (up to 1.5-quarts) and melts butter. The microwave-safe glass popper is conveniently dishwasher safe, too.


This Top-Rated Bagel Slicer For An Even Slice

Sure, a knife can do it’s job and cut into a bagel, but this guillotine-style bagel slicer is way more efficient. Not only is this slicer safer and much quicker than a knife, it perfectly and evenly slices the bagel every time so you can add your schmear. Choose from four colors to suit your kitchen.


This Bottom-Release Grease Separator That Is Surprisingly Versatile

Whether you want to use this grease separator on gravy, soup, sauce, dressing, or fresh juices, it efficiently separates and strains the fat or pulp from the liquid. The BPA-free and heat-resistant plastic container and lid are dishwasher safe, and the bottom-release function makes pouring a breeze. Keep it for yourself or hold onto it as a holiday gift for your parents, in-laws, or whoever will be making this year’s holiday meals (there’s even a bonus peeler included).

One shopper wrote, “I am impressed with the quality of this product and am looking forward to making bone broth, stews, and paleo gravies without the hassle and mess of trying to get the majority of the fat out.”


This Cutlery Drawer Organizer For Ditching The Knife Block

This knife holder fits in most kitchen drawers, giving you a place to store your knives other than the kitchen counter. The bamboo material and slots keep the knives securely put away — and it’s dishwasher safe. It can hold 16 knives — eight up to 9.25 inches long and eight up to 16 inches long.

One shopper raved, “Fit my drawer perfectly and freed up counterspace. So glad to be rid of the old block holder! Good quality.”


A Super Affordable Roll-Up Drying Rack

This roll-up dish drying rack will give you a space-saving place to put freshly cleaned dishes so they can air dry. The collapsible rack can hold up to 33 pounds and can easily be stored under the sink when not in use. The rack comes in six size options, so be sure to check your sink’s measurements to ensure the right fit.


This Large Herb Saver That Keeps Greens Fresh For Weeks

Keep your herbs and vegetables fresher for longer with this herb saver. This large glass container is tall (12.2 inches) so there’s room to keep greens like kale, asparagus, parsley, cilantro, dill, rosemary, mint, tarragon, and more hydrated for two to three weeks — which is a heck of a lot longer than they’d last without it.


These Under-Cabinet Lights You Can Control From The Couch

Brighten up your kitchen counter space with this four-pack of under-cabinet lights. Use the included heavy-duty adhesive tape or screws to mount the wireless lights under a cabinet, in a bathroom, in the pantry, in a closet, or wherever could use some additional lighting. Two remote controls are included, but the lights can also be operating by tapping them.


This Stylish Set Of Salt & Pepper Grinders With Adjustable Coarseness

No need to fill these salt and pepper grinders up too often as they can hold up to 8 ounces each. The secure stainless steel top helps you avoid making a mess all over the table, and the lid also helps maintain freshness. Adjust the grind setting from fine to coarse.

One shopper noted, “These grinders can handle pretty much anything you can stuff into them...[...] Peppercorns, hot pepperflakes, minced onion, sunflower seeds. Celtic Sea Salt, cardamom pods...all do beautifully in this grinder.”


A Ceiling Fan Duster With An Extension Pole For Super-High Ceilings

This ceiling fan duster helps you clean the hard-to-reach areas — whether it’s a ceiling fan, light fixtures, or behind the couch. The detachable handle can be extended from 27 inches to 47 inches. The microfiber head is washable and reusable, so no need to buy refillable pads. Plus, you don’t have to hassle with a ladder or chair when you’re trying to reach those tough spots.


A Dog Water Dispenser & Feeder To Take On Walks

Take this dog water dispenser on walks, hikes, to the dog park, or on a road trip. The leakproof lid is shaped like a small bowl, so when the contents are dispensed into the bowl, it doesn’t make a mess. The bottle can hold either 12 or 19 ounces of water or food.


This Airline-Approved Bubble Backpack For Your Furry Friend

Perfect for cats and small dogs, this airline-approved bubble backpack carrier with a clear window design gives your pets a bird’s eye view of the world (or maybe just whatever is currently behind you). The lightweight bag is breathable with mesh and holes for airflow, plus it’s expandable for extra room.


These Bamboo Drawer Dividers That Beautifully Keep Things Organized

These bamboo drawer dividers are adjustable to fit in any standard drawer. The four-pack of dividers can keep your undies, socks, and bras separate, as well as any other clothing items. They also work well in kitchen drawers to organize cooking tools, or in desk drawers to keep cords separate from scissors and pens, and more.


This Memory Foam Bath Mat With More Than 44,000 Perfect Ratings

Step onto this luxurious memory foam bath mat when you get out of the shower or bath and feel like you’re stepping onto a cloud. It’s even ideal for use as a kitchen mat. The machine-washable mat comes in eight sizes and 22 color options. With more than 44,000 Amazon shoppers awarding it a perfect five-star rating, you know this plush, absorbent mat is worth an “add to cart.”


These Organic Wool Dryer Balls That Help Reduce Waste

Ditch the fabric softener and dryer sheets and go for this six-pack of organic wool dryer balls. The eco-friendly balls work like fabric softener to help keep your fabrics from wrinkling and tangling. Store them in the included bags until you’re ready to use them again.


A Miracle Cleaning Paste Loved By Over 150,000 Amazon Reviewers

The Pink Stuff is referred to as a “miracle cleaning paste” for a reason. As someone who regularly uses it, I can safely tell you that the streak-free paste truly lifts stains on shoes, jewelry, glass shower doors, toilets, sinks, and more. Use it on everything from marble to stainless steel to ceramic tiles.


This Tea Pot And Infuser That’s Dishwasher Safe

Make yourself a fresh pot of tea with this tea pot and infuser. A removable 18/8 stainless steel mesh infuser lets you steep any type of loose lea leaves — including hot or iced tea — for three to five people. The glass is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher; just note that it’s made of glass that’s not designed for use on the stove.


A Banana Hat Preserver That Appeared On Shark Tank

It may not seem like it at first glance, but this adorable banana hat preserver can keep bananas fresher for longer. Under the Nana Hat you’ll find a silicone cap that helps inhibit the absorption of ethylene gas, the natural ripening agent in bananas. The hat comes in 14 designs that are interchangeable, and on top of being a TikTok sensation, this weird-but-genius product got two judges to invest on Shark Tank.


A Portable Cereal Cup That Prevents Sogginess

There’s no spoon or bowl required to enjoy cereal from this portable plastic cereal cup. Drink your milk with cereal while keeping the cereal out of the milk so it doesn’t get soggy (they only mix in your mouth!). The cup has an open lid design, so it isn’t intended to be placed in a bag, but it fits in most standard cup holders.


These Oven Gloves That You Can Use While Grilling

These machine-washable Grill Armor gloves will protect your hands while removing food from the oven or barbecuing on your grill or over a fire pit. They can withstand heat up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, and they have a flexible design with silicone finger grips.

One shopper reported, “The fabric is double thick and soft with a heat resistant design front and back. They are left/right interchangeable. I was thrilled to find a hanging loop inside. I put them on refrigerator magnets for storage.”


This Well-Made Baking Sheet & Rack Set That’ll Make Cleanup A Breeze

This Checkered Chef baking sheet and cooling rack set is perfect for baking cookies, grilling veggies, and sizzling bacon. Place the rack on top of the sheet pan to cook food with airflow underneath or use the rack separately to cool baked cookies and cakes. Fans love that it is dishwasher-safe and heavy-duty for catching all the runoff.


This Perfectly Sized Countertop Trash Can For All Your Small Trash

If you’re tired of going back and forth to your kitchen’s trash can, this mini countertop trash can will save you some trips. While this stainless steel trash can only hold a small amount of trash, it’s perfect for coffee pods, sugar packets, paper lids, and more. It also works perfectly in the bathroom for Q-Tips, cotton balls, and makeup wipes. It’s compatible with 1.5 liter trash bags.


This Indoor Fly Trap That Uses LED Light Instead Of Chemicals

It might feel impossible to gain control of your fly, moth, fruit fly, or gnat infestation, but with this indoor plug-in fly trap, it won’t. An LED UV light attracts the flying insects, and an interior glue card traps them (out of sight). Plus, a 3-pack of refills is under $10 for an affordable solution to all your bug woes.


This Pet Odor Eliminator Kit With A UV Light To Find Stains

Use this pet odor eliminator kit to get rid of the smell of urine on your carpet, hard surfaces, furniture, and more. An included and attachable blacklight flashlight helps you locate the pee spots to spray the cleaner right where you need it to eliminate the problem. Plus, the spray has a pleasant orange scent.


This Calming Dog Bed That Supports Better Sleep

This ergonomic, plush dog bed was designed to help dog’s get a good night’s sleep (which ultimately helps you get a good night’s sleep). The donut-shaped bed is made of shaggy faux fur that provides a calm and inviting space for your dog to rest. The bed comes in four colors in small, medium, and large.

One fan reported, “My little guy loves this bed. It took him a few days to warm up to it, but he is happy as a clam now. He likes to snooze away the afternoons in it.It is pretty easy to clean and holds up to washing quite well.”


This Highly Rated Pet Hair Roller That You Can Reuse Endlessly

If you’re constantly trying to remove pet hair from your furniture, try this wildly popular pet hair roller that works on couches, clothes, chairs, upholstery, carpet, and all the other places you spend time (that’s always how it is, right?). When you’re done, simply empty out the hair so it’s ready for next time. No sticky lint paper required — the gadget relies on the electrostatic charge from the rolling itself.


This Memory Foam Neck Pillow For Your Office Chair Or Car

Attach this supportive memory foam neck pillow headrest to your office chair or car’s driver’s seat to give your neck a break. The headrest fastens around the top of a chair with adjustable straps to offer additional support and can help eliminate neck strain. You can even take it with you on the airplane for better in-flight comfort.


This Super-Convenient Car Organizer With A Near-Perfect Amazon Rating

Boasting a 4.7-star rating after more than 65,000 reviews, this car trunk organizer has fans calling it “life changing.” It has several compartments that give you a place to store your car essentials — from groceries to tools to first aid kits to your kids’ change of clothes or shoes. The organizer is waterproof, collapsible, and won’t move around on a car seat thanks to the secure straps.


A Best-Selling Car Seat Gap Filler To Catch The Things You Always Drop

With this set of fan-favorite car seat gap fillers, you won’t have to get your hand stuck when shoving it down the gap to try and grab your keys or phone. Made of conforming neoprene, the squishy gap filler contracts or expands to your car’s gap for an always-perfect fit. One shopper summarized, “This thing is very easy to install and prevents that annoying "drop into the blackhole" event that happens to everyone.”


This Car Seat Cover For Dogs

Protect your car seats from your dog’s nails and fur with this car seat cover. The cover hooks onto the backseat and front seat headrests. It comes in a standard and X-large sizes and in three colors. Made of heavy-duty waterproof Oxford cloth, it’s easy to clean, too — you can wipe it down, vacuum it, or bring out the hose for a spray down.


This Inverted Umbrella That Prevents Dripping

Stay dry with this upside down umbrella that’s designed with a reverse folding frame to keep rain from dripping when it’s closed.It comes with a cool C-shaped handle for carrying on your wrist and going-hands-free. It’s available in nine colors.


This Under Desk Bike So You Can Work Out While Working

Instead of sitting still while at your desk, go for a stationary bike ride with this under-desk pedal exerciser. Simply place it on the floor under your desk or at the foot of your couch and pedal away, using the LCD screen to keep tabs on your total distance and calories burned. It has an adjustable resistance and nonslip pedals.


This Best-Selling Stainless Steel Water Bottle

With more than 17,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this double-wall insulated stainless steel water bottle is perfect for upping your hydration game. Drink through the built-in straw or take a swig through the spout opening. It’s dishwasher safe and promises to keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours. Choose from 14 colors in a 24-ounce, 32-ounce, or 40-ounce bottle size.


These Grip Socks For Everyday Use Or Hitting The Mat

Grip socks aren’t just for kids — grown-ups don’t want to slip either. Check out these popular grip socks that are ideal for everything from walking around the house to yoga and pilates. The socks are available in several color and style options, including extra-cozy ones for winter.


These Cooling Towels That Are Great For Summer & Beyond

These multitasking cooling towels are great for the gym, to bring to an outdoor event to keep cool, and even to wrap around your dog on a long walk in the heat. To activate the cooling effect of the ultra-breathable towels, soak them in water, wring them out, and snap them. They’ll stay chilled for up to 3 hours, and each towel comes with it’s own carrying pouch.


This Spa-Like Bamboo Bathtub Tray For Maximum Relaxation

Keep all your bath essentials at an arm’s reach with this over-the-tub bamboo tray. Not only does it add a spa vibe to your bathroom, it can hold soap, candles, your phone or tablet, a book, and perhaps most importantly, your wine glass. Shoppers rave about it’s quality and how great it is for gift-giving.


This Spa Bath Pillow That Actually Stays Put

Give your neck some well-deserved support while relaxing in your bathtub or hot tub with this spa bath pillow. The waterproof pillow features 2 inches of plush foam that stays in place via seven suction cups that you know are going to be grippy coming from the trusted brand Gorilla Grip. You can choose from seven colors and two sizes.


These Magnetic Fridge Clips For All Your Lists (& Kid Art)

Display your kiddo’s artwork, important reminders, calendar, photos, or whatever else on your fridge or dry erase board using these sturdy magnetic clips. They are heavy-duty and can hold multiple papers without sliding down the fridge. The set also comes with a bonus magnetic notepad.


This Space-Saving Hanging Closet Organizer

This super-convenient hanging closet organizer is a great way to add storage to your closet. At only 12-inches wide, it’s slim enough to not take up too much room, but boasts enough interior space to hold clothes, bags, hats, shoes, and more. Choose from five, nine, or 10 shelves in four color options.


These Ultra-Durable Bed Risers For The Perfect Height

If you want to raise a bed or a couch a bit higher off the ground, these bed and furniture risers are the way to go. Place one of these square risers under each corner of the furniture to elevate it 2 inches (don’t worry, each is sturdy enough to hold up to 10,000 pounds). They come in packs of four, six, or eight and in three color options to fit your needs.

One shopper reported, “We needed to raise our bed an inch or so to be able ro slide storage boxes under the bed. This product was exactly what we needed.”


These Motion-Sensor Night Lights That Don’t Need To Be Recharged For Months

Place these mini motion-sensor night lights in the hallway, in a bedroom or bathroom, or wherever you need extra light at night. The lights come in a pack of two, can be adjusted for different lighting and brightness modes, and it only takes 2 hours of charging time for the lights to last up to 180 days before a recharge is needed. The best part is that they can detect motion up to 5 meters so they’ll turn on automatically for those middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.


These Wireless Sleeping Headphones That Double As An Eye Mask

This Bluetooth headband lets you listen to music or a meditation while falling asleep or exercising while doubling as an eye mask for sleep and tripling as a sweatband for working out. The headband can play continuously for up to 10 hours on a single charge, and it is available in 10 colors.


These Absorbent Hair Towels That Don’t Fall Out

If you’re tired of using a heavy bath towel to throw your hair into after a shower, wrap your hair in a Turbie Twist hair towel. The microfiber towel is absorbent, lightweight, and hooks into a loop so it stays in place — even if you bend over. The four-pack is available in two color schemes.


This Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar To Keep Track Of Your Busy Schedule

Display this magnetic dry erase calendar in the spot everyone looks — the refrigerator. This weekly planner has space for several activities each day as well as a section for notes. It comes in three sizes, too, so you can choose one that works for your family’s scheduling needs.


This Affordable Patio Umbrella Light For Outdoor Ambience

Check out this ingenious cordless patio umbrella light that easily clamps to an umbrella to provide outdoor lighting. It has various brightness modes so you can set the ambiance however you’d like. The light runs on four AA batteries that you’ll need to supply.

One shopper noted, “The lights are bright enough to play cards or board games out on my deck [...] way past nightfall!”


This Compressible Memory Foam Pillow For Travel

If you like to bring a pillow when you travel or camp, you’ll enjoy this cushy memory foam pillow that’s compressible so it fits in the included small travel bag. The pillow is wrapped in a micro-suede, machine-washable cover, and it can also be used in the car as a seat cushion for a more comfortable ride. Choose from five colors in two sizes.


This Mixology Bar Kit That Makes For A Great Gift

Whether you want to gift this chic mixology bartender kit to a friend or keep it for yourself, it includes all the tools you need to make tasty craft cocktails. The set comes with a bamboo stand to keep the tools organized as well as a set of cocktail recipe cards.


This Milk Frother That Makes The Perfect Latte

This battery powered milk frother creates coffee shop-level froth for your lattes, cappuccinos, tea, or even just as frothy milk to serve to your kids. The handheld frother is also portable, so you can bring it along to anywhere.


This Charging Station That Can Hold Five Devices

Charge your smartphones, tablets, and other devices with this multi-device charging station. It has universal compatibility, comes with six charging cables, and it’s available in eight colors. It’s ultra-lightweight too so you can move it around the house as needed.


This Letter Tray Desk Organizer For Work Stuff (Or Your Kid’s Artwork)

Get your important papers in order with this desk organizer. The three mesh trays have reinforced edges so the papers stay put, even as you slide out the trays. It’s ideal for eliminating clutter, and that includes your child’s artwork that you can’t yet throw away (because little fingers would remove it from the trash.)


This Toss Hook & Ring Game That Can Be Played Solo Or With Groups

Add this unique toss hook and ring game to your outdoor gaming lineup. For setup, attach the small wooden surfboard to a tree and the string to another tree. The objective of the game is to swing the ring and land it on the hook. It’s fun for the whole family, but it’s also fun to play solo.


This Best-Selling Camping Hammock

Forty-eight thousand shoppers have weighed in on this convenient camping hammock that you can hang anywhere you find two trees in close enough proximity; it has an impressive weight limit for having the kids jump in there with you, too. It comes with tree straps and carabiners and can be adjusted to the perfect height. Made of nylon, the hammock fits inside the compact storage bag for easy transport.


This Running Belt That’s So Slim You’ll Barely Know It’s There

Whether you wear this running belt on a jog, hike, walk, or to run errands, it’s the perfect hands-free way to bring your phone and keys along. The water-resistant waist pack is lightweight and slim, and it comes in six colors.


This Back & Neck Massage Hook That Works On Trigger Points

When no one else is around (or willing), massage your own back with this back and neck massage hook. It’s perfectly sculpted to reach all muscle groups in the body and target trigger points.

One shopper reported, “My physical therapist reccomended this to me after a bad back injury. I still use it. I use it on my feet as well.”


This Solar-Powered Garden Light That’s Just As Cute As It Is Effective

This adorable owl-shaped solar garden light with LED eyes will add some fun ambiant lighting to your outdoor space. The owl is fully powered by the sun, so no need to manually recharge or change any batteries. And the entire piece is hand-painted for even more visual interest.


This Silicone Broom That Can Clean Practically Anything

This all-surface silicone broom is a super hygienic way to clean due to its washability. Simply rinse the dirt and debris after each use and the broom is ready to go for next tme. The telescopic handle can extend to 55 inches for ultimate versatility. It works on everything from shower walls to carpeted rooms to windows.

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