A Dad Hilariously Points Out A The Dirty Secret Behind “Fun Dads”

Being a good, present parent is exhausting.

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Bradley Dean / TikTok

You know those married couples where the mom had bags under her eyes, a messy top knot, and seemingly no will to live, while her husband takes on the roll as the bright-eyed, goofy, laid-back “fun dad”? Yeah, those couples are a red flag.

One TikTok dad had these kinds of dads totally pinpointed, and they need to step it up.

Bradley Dean pointed out that there is a “direct correlation” between a dad’s fun-loving nature about parenting and how present of a parent they actually are.

“I’ve noticed a direct correlation between how glowing and rosy some men are about parenting and how involved they are in the actual parenting,” he says.

“Like if they’re like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to have three, four, five kids,’ then they probably don’t do sh*t. But if they’re like, ‘I can’t wait for a stranger to hack through my vas deferens,’ then they’re probably getting stuff done.”

Truer words were never spoken.

After Dean’s video went viral, several moms and dads flooded his comment section, agreeing that dads who are clueless to the plight of parenthood probably don’t get their hands very dirty.

“All the very involved, 50/50 in child rearing and taking care of the home dads I know have vasectomies. True story,” one user wrote.

One mom wrote, “My toddler forced himself in the bathroom while my husband was in there. All I heard was ‘I don’t think I want another one of these.’”

“Same, king,” the OP replied.

“I’ve got 3 under 3. I’m a SAHD. I got clipped 2 weeks after our twins were born 😂😂 NO MORE!” one dad wrote.

“Hats off to you, my man,” Dean replied.

“This my dude, wanted so so many babies but also wants me to make my own money and take care of the house and kids,” one user wrote.

“This person sounds like a real goof,” Dean said.

While several users agreed with Dean’s observation, several other TikTok users claimed they had supportive partners and still want more kids despite the chaos.

“Nah, we’re both entirely disillusioned in adding others. discussed the 4th for almost 2 yrs and immediately said whyyyyy did we do this🤣,” one user wrote.

Another said, “My husband does a lot and is the one who wants more kids 😬. He just loves being a dad.”

“I work from home and keep the kids. Still give glowing reviews and want more of them. Some of us are built different/have to build our friends lol,” another dad wrote.

If you see a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed dad who wants to have a huge family and still go golfing every Saturday — there’s probably an exhausted, touched out mom that is begging her husband to get a vasectomy not far behind.

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