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A Dad Recalls The Exact Moment He Knew He Didn't Want To Raise His Kids In The US

The answer is emotional.

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A TikToker's husband tells a heartbreaking anecdote of the moment he realized that maybe the US wasn...
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People move out of the country for lots of different reasons: jobs, family responsibilities, a change of pace. However, it seems like more and more families have had enough of the United States and are looking for new options in places that are different from American culture, policy, and politics.

As social media continues to provide a wide spectrum of cultures and how parents are “doing it” around the world, it’s truly no wonder people are packing their bags and trying something different.

One mom on TikTok, Luna Ashley Santel, has dedicated her account to sharing her journey to move to Spain with her family, from how they got their visas to renting an apartment. Santel also revealed that her husband was not always on board with the idea of an across-the-world move.

“I see a lot of you guys talking about your husband. Your husband doesn't want to go. Well, look who else didn't want to go, this guy,” she says while panning the camera over to her husband, whose driving the car. “He did not want to move abroad.”

Then she asks him, “What changed your mind?”

Her husband then tells a heartbreaking anecdote of the moment he realized that maybe the US wasn’t all its cracked up to be and there might be somewhere better and safer to raise their child.

While visiting Spain, he and his wife found themselves in a crowded cafe.

He explains, “There's a ton of people walking around. Being from St. Louis, that's not a very comfortable place for me to be in. And you turn to me and say, ‘Have you seen all these people?’”

“And you're like, ‘None of them have guns,’” he continued.

Since 2017, Missouri has allowed people to carry concealed, loaded firearms in public without a background check or permit. In 2021, Missouri enacted the mind-boggling “Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) which subjects local and state law enforcement officers to fines of $50,000 for helping to enforce a federal gun law.

On March 7, 2023, a federal court declared SAPA unconstitutional but has since allowed the law to remain in effect pending appeals.

In 2021, Missouri had the tenth-highest gun death rate in the country.

He concludes with the mind-altering moment that changed his entire perspective on living in America, especially a state like Missouri.

“And I realized this weight that I had been carrying around my whole life wasn't necessary. Like what we think is normal is not normal,” he says.

Those thoughts of making sure you know where all the exits are in a movie theater or big box store.

Or telling your husband not to wear flip flops to the mall because what if something horrible happens, and he can’t run fast enough while carrying your toddler.

The fact that during a 4th of July parade, you’re looking up at all the tall buildings surrounding you, hoping that a sniper isn’t looking for their next target.

Your kid cannot wear light up shoes to their first day of school because it could give away their hiding spot.

These are the weights that we, as Americans, carry. This is not normal.

Hundreds of TikTokers commented on the video, agreeing with the notion that Americans are conditioned to believe that this is all okay.

“There’s so much mental energy we dedicate to simply existing in the US,” one user wrote.

“Went to the Netherlands and everyone was sad for me when I told them I was a teacher because of all the school shootings,” another wrote.

Santel replied, “Ex teacher here of seven years. Totally get this. When I shared about intruder drills in Spain the looks I got. It’s WILD.”

Another said, “That part. THAT FREAKING PART. And now that we have a baby? Oh HELL NO are we staying here.”

“Yep the having a kid part is really what got us on the same page about the move in the end. Well and this,” Santel replied.

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