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Is Your Name One Of The Top Girl Names Of The '90s?

Raise your hand if your teacher had to call you by your first name and last initial 🙋‍♀️

A baby name experts breaks down the top girls name from 1998.
@namingbebe / TikTok

My name is Katie, but I have been “Katie G.” since preschool. The amount of Katies, Kates, Katherines, and Kathleens in my class was enough to fill a football stadium. My last initial was attached to my first name for my entire school career and then in my actual career.

I was not alone in this last initial curse that so many 80s and 90s babies can attest to. I bet if your name is Emily, Sarah, or Jennifer, you feel my pain.

Personalized baby name consultant, Colleen, posted a TikTok video featuring the top girl baby names in 1998, asking her followers to chime in if they were personally victimized by having a popular name in the ‘90s.

“I want to know: is your name on this list, is your little sister's name on this list, or did you babysit someone on this list?” she asked.

First up on the top name list is Emily.

“In 1996, she said, ‘Get out of my way!’ and ran a monarchy for the next 11 years,” Colleen joked.

Other names on the list included: Hannah, Samantha, Sarah, and Ashley.

“We see Alexis emerge. This feels so 90s! So does Taylor. Jessica is starting to trickle down. Madison to me is the ultimate turn-of-the-century name. If you don't know Madison, I want to know where you live,” Colleen said before announcing Elizabeth as the tenth most popular name of 1998.

Rounding out the top 20 popular girl names of 1997 were Kayla, Rachel, Victoria, and Brianna.

“We had a couple of Megans and Jennifers and Amandas comment about their childhood trauma from being Amanda C. their whole life. So if you are a top 10 girl on this list, what was it like?”

One user was shocked to see that her own name didn’t make the cut in 1998.

“I’m shocked Kate/Katie isn’t on there,” one user wrote.

“I’m in the wedding industry and every other bride is Madison 😂” another wrote.

One user shared, “My sister was born, and there were 3 Jessica’s in the nursery and the nurse was like ‘Can I suggest any other name’”

“My best friend was Samantha, our other best friend was almost named Samantha. So it would’ve been Sam H, Sam O, and Sam P for 12 years of school 😅,” another wrote.

In another video, Colleen shared the top names for the entire decade including the top name, Jessica. Ashley, Brittany, Amanda, Samantha, Sarah, Stephanie, Jennifer, Elizabeth, and Lauren rounded out the top ten for the entire decade of the ‘90s.