10 Signs You Are A Traveling Mom

by Inga Batur
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Five minutes after I found out I was pregnant, I turned to my husband with a pleading look and said: “We will still travel. Promise me this changes nothing.” But my husband looked at me, unaware of my already raging hormones and shook his head, “We’ll see.”

With everything in my life changing I wanted to be sure that one of my greatest passions would still remain the same. Of course, the moment my daughter arrived, I knew it wouldn’t. My life was upside down; I barely had the grips on the everyday routine, I didn’t even think about venturing abroad. I postponed the first trip, made up excuses and prepared endless lists.

Finally, on our first trip, the plane was a no-no, the car was packed to the very brink and every step was carefully over planned. But that trip taught me what I needed to know, and five years and many travels later, I am no longer a scared mommy traveller. I know my way around and it shows not only when we are away, but when we are stuck home as well. Are you a traveling mom, too?

1. You don’t know what a clutch is. Everywhere I go I carry a backpack. With two tots, you just never know what you’ll end up carrying around. Besides you always have to have both hands ready for whatever the situation might call for.

2. You don’t sweat the everyday traffic. You know it can be worse, you’ve seen worse. This is nothing, this is the time to check emails with the best travel deals or start planning another trip.

3. Your bucket list includes only family friendly destinations. You have more destinations in mind for your next trip, than you have vacation days.

4. You have wet wipes everywhere. It’s an essential you have learned to pack a long time ago, because their use is so versatile, it needs no explaining.

5. You can pack in under an hour – the whole family, no matter where you are going or for how long. And you no longer pack the whole nursery; you have learned what essentials are. Basically, as long as you don’t forget passports and money, you are good to go.

6. You have more flats and sneakers than shoes with high heels. Elegance is overrated, carrying kids around and running after them makes you appreciate comfort, especially when no one is taking photos.

7. You read children guidebooks to your kids instead of fairy tales, to get them excited about your next trip. (Your husband doesn’t let you watch travel shows anymore, to stop you from day dreaming.)

8. You have annual family travel insurance, because it’s just easier. You can’t really tell where you’ll end up, taking every possible vacation you can get.

9. You still check the time and weather from your last destination every day you wake up, since it’s on your phone along with every other possible travel app.

10. Google maps is a game you play with your kids. If they are really good, they can go exploring with you, after you quiz them on the world flags.

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