This Ukrainian Girl’s Performance Of ‘Let It Go’ From ‘Frozen’ Will Give You Goosebumps

The young Ukrainian girl sang the song from ‘Frozen’ while stuck in a Kyiv bomb shelter.

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young girl from ukraine singing let it go from frozen in a kyiv bomb shelter goes viral
(Marta Smekhova / Facebook)

A Ukrainian girl moved many to tears after a video of her singing ‘Let It Go’ from ‘Frozen’ in a Kyiv bomb shelter went viral

The Ukrainian people have continued to show their strength and resilience throughout Russia’s unceasing attacks on their country, which have displaced nearly 1.7 million Ukrainians since the attacks started on February 21, 2022.

They have had to do the unthinkable, like teach their children how to duck and cover from airstrikes. They’ve performed makeshift blood transfusions to ensure children with cancer survive as they hide in hospital beds in basements. They’ve fled their home with only the clothes on their backs, relying on the kindness of strangers from neighboring countries for food, supplies, and shelter.

Despite all of this adversity, this full-blown terror, it seems that the Ukrainian spirit is unbreakable, as evidenced by this goosebump-inducing performance of “Let It Go” by a young Ukrainian girl named Amelia in an undisclosed shelter in Kyiv. The video was first shared on Facebook by Marta Smekhova on Facebook, and the original poster confirmed she had permission from Amelia’s mother to do so.

“From the first word in the [bomb shelter] came complete silence... everyone put their business aside and listen[ed] to a song by this girl who was just beaming light... even men couldn't hold back the tears,” Smekhova wrote, according to a Google translate of the post.

The video racked up millions of views and caught the attention of Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa in ‘Frozen’

As the video quickly garnered views around the world, it caught the eye of Idina Menzel, who first popularized the Frozen ballad in 2013. Menzel retweeted the video and added, “We see you. We really, really see you. 💙💛.” Many others commented on Menzel’s post, adding that they hope one day Amelia will be able to meet the Frozen star in real life.

According to CNN, Amelia wants to be a singer when she grows up. She was asked to perform the song when she shared her hopes of doing so. Anderson Cooper choked up after seeing the video, saying, “It’s hard to say anything after that, except thank you, Amelia. Thank you for that grace.”

Be sure to grab a box of tissues or two before watching the heart-wrenching performance.

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