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A Mom Shares Her Brilliant Theory About “Unicorn Mom Friends” In Viral Video

She notes three key factors that make up the perfect mom friend.

A TikTok mom breaks down the three key factors that make up the perfect mom friend with a funny Venn...
TikTok / @annaleegrace15

Mom friends are hard to come by. And while bonding with other moms about the trials and tribulations of motherhood can help ease parenting stressors, there is no question that finding the “right” mom friends — unicorn mom friends — can be a huge challenge.

TikTok content creator @annaleegrace15 posted a video venting about how challenging the process of finding mom friends can be and shared her theory on what makes up a perfect mom friend.

She also drew a Venn diagram on her kid’s art easel in the now-viral TikTok for all the visual learners out there.

“I have a theory about mom friends and I need to know if everyone else feels the same way,” she begins. “Before I had kids, I had no idea how hard it was gonna be to make mom friends.”

She explains that before she was a mom, she just figured that she’d take her kids to the park, chat with some other women while the kids run around and “ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom” — mom friends.

It’s never that simple though, is it?

She goes on to draw out three circles, making her Venn diagram, explaining that there are three different types of mom friends. When you find a mom friend who is all those types in one, you have found a mom friend unicorn.

The first circle represents those moms that just “get” you.

“Y’know, the mom friends that you would naturally get along with anyways,” she says. “You have a similar interest, feels really easy, probably hang out with them even if your kids weren't there.”

Her second circle represents the mom friends who have kids the same age as your kids. “I have a one year old and you have a six year old, we're not gonna be able to go do the same play dates,” she explains.

“If I have a two year old and you have a two year old, let's go to the same park together, baby, let's go. And it is already rare enough to find a mom friend that you generally jive with, who also has babies the same age as you, okay?”

The last circle? Location, location, location.

It’s truly a once-a-year event to get kids together with your best friend from high school who lives an hour away. There is something so special about having your kids play with the neighbors most days because they are just right there. Convenience is key!

Annalee says these are the three key factors for finding the absolute perfect mom friend. “You have found a mom friend that you love with kids the same age as you, who lives in the same general area as you, you have hit the unicorn mom jackpot,” she explains.

She also recognizes that these friends are called “unicorns” for a reason — they basically don’t exist.

“It hardly ever works out like that. Either you love someone and you're in different states, they have different babies, maybe the same age babies as someone, and they decide to just move away out of nowhere,” she vents.

The video – who now have amassed almost half a million views — had hundreds of TikTok users chiming in with their opinions and own experiences trying to find mom friends.

“My best friend and I got pregnant 3 days apart. And we live down the street from each other. And our husbands get along. It’s a dream,” one user wrote.

Another joked, “Still waiting for my unicorn. Or honestly any of the circles 😂.”

“Right like 1/3 ain’t too shabby 😂,” Annalee responded.

Others suggested that Annalee needed to add more circles to the unicorn mom friend Venn diagram. “You forgot the 4th circle — a mom friend with a husband who gets along with your husband! That’s the real unicorn!” one user wrote.

Another added, “I theorize that there is a fourth circle for budget 😂”

Annalee ended her video with a message for any mom out there who is lucky enough to have a unicorn mom friend in their life. “Text her right now and tell her how thankful you are for her,” she said. “It's incredibly rare, my friends, incredibly rare.”