A Viral TikTok Brings Up An Interesting Question: How Often Do You Call Your Mom?

And how often does she call you?

An interesting discourse began on TikTok after a girl admitted that she talks to her mom several tim...
@avastanleysocial / TikTok

After admitting that she talks to her mom several times a day, every single day, after hearing that some people only talk to their moms once a week or once a month, an interesting discourse began on TikTok, creating a bigger discussion about generational trauma, childhood, and what’s “normal” when it comes to parent-child relationships.

“I saw a video of a girl saying that she calls her mom like once or twice a week,” Ava Stanley began in her viral video before showing her call log describing several back-and-forth calls between her and a contact named “Mom.” “I called my mom or she called me 11 times yesterday.”

“And I never really have anything to say either, and like, if she misses my call, and she calls me back, she’s like, ‘Hey, what’s up? Like, why’d you call?’ And I’ll be like, ‘I don’t remember. I just wanted to chitchat.’”

After Stanley’s video went viral, several users noted how much they love their moms and catch up with them via telephone several times a day.

“When my mom doesn’t answer on the first try i’m like WHAT COULD SHE POSSIBLY BE DOING,” one user joked.

“No literally i am bothering her constantly,” another said.

One user wrote, “Whenever any minor inconvenience happens I immediately call my mom.”

“I call my mom every day on my way home from work and if she can’t talk I literally don’t know what to do with myself,” another echoed.

Despite several thousand comments similar to this notion, it became apparent that many daughters wish they had that kind of relationship with their mom.

“I wish that was me but ✨mommy issues✨,” one user said.

“Not other people having good relationships with their mom 😭,” another noted.

One person said, “This is crazy to me. I go a couple months without calling my parents sometimes.”

One TikTok user stitched Stanley’s video, sharing that she no longer spoke to her mom.

“What are you talking to your parents about so much?” she asked genuinely.

“Recipes, what’s going on with the kids, what I saw on the news, going to Mexico,” one user replied.

“Like nothing and everything. But everyone has a different relationship with their parents. Now siblings , some i never talk to ever,” another shared.

“Everything. Every minor inconvenience, what my kids did, what I did, random questions. Literally every move I make 😭😭,” another said.

In college, I used to call my mom to chitchat after walking out of class. It was just a nice transition from a stressful lecture, shooting the sh*t with the one person who would listen to me talk about myself for a half-hour straight without thinking I was a self-absorbed a**hole. (Maybe she did, though, now that I think about it...)

Nevertheless, I hope I will be the go-to call for my daughter when she’s older, just like my mom was for me.