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A Mom Got Called Out For Not Putting A Coat On Her Kid And People Are Taking Sides

The now-viral TikTok video has started a hot debate on whether you should force your kid into a coat.

A mom is going viral on TikTok after uploading a video of a stranger confronting her about not putti...
TikTok / @kuuipodawn

Every parent knows that never-ending battle of trying to get a stubborn child to wear their winter coat. I mean, I get it. They’re bulky and restricting. I honestly despise wearing mine in the car and have even bought numerous coats to try and find one that didn’t make me feel like a marshmallow puff.

So, when I see a mom or dad out and about with their kid and they’re not wearing a coat — I have zero judgement because I assume that parent tried their best to get that kid in some winter wear.

However, there are some people out there who find this unacceptable and have no qualms with telling parents just how they feel. One mom is now going viral on TikTok after uploading a video of a stranger confronting her about not putting a jacket on her child in the snow even though she, herself, had one on.

In the video posted by user @kuuipodawn — which has now been viewed over 13 million times — the video starts with the small daughter walking in a pink sweatsuit and winter boots. There appears to be some snow on the ground, which leads a viewer to believe that is probably was chilly outside, but the little girl is not shivering nor bothered by the weather despite no coat.

However, a stranger walking near the mom and daughter was very bothered.

The stranger confronts the mom as she discreetly films the interaction. The stranger can be heard saying, “What kind of a mother puts a coat on themselves, but not their daughter?”

“We’re just walking to the car, and this is my jacket,” she defends herself to the woman.

“Are you cold?” the stranger asked the mom. “Cause if you are, she is! Get a coat for your kid!”

In text on the video, the mom continues to explain the situation and give context to why her daughter wasn’t wearing a coat. “We literally just dropped food off for my sister at her school and were walking back to the car when this Karen started yelling at me,” she wrote.

The reactions to the video were mixed. Some parents totally understood how this kind of scenario can happen while others were judgmental of the mom’s decision not to put a coat on her kid.

One user wrote, “Sorry but this Karen is saying the same thing I’ve wanted to say when I see this 😳 & she’s coughing!!!!!”

In a follow-up video, the OP responds to commenters concerned about the child’s cough. “she really said my baby is already sick so let’s go out with no coat,” one user wrote.

Posting a video of her rosy cheeked daughter, the OP responded, “She’s not sick😂 her cheeks are usually always red especially when she sleeps. You can tell the side she slept on too🥰”

Another user chimed in and wrote, “It's literally snowing 😂😂 that lady is not a Karen.”

The OP responded, explaining that it was not cold that day. “We call this a warm snow day, these days we usually play in the snow. It was not cold. It was only a 10 step walk to the car,” she wrote back.

The mom has to defend herself yet again after someone commented that the little girl looked sick with a runny nose in the original video. “Nose running, she needs a coat, gloves, and hat like come one.”

She responds with a video of her daughter from the same day as the stranger confrontation, the child still rosy cheeked but otherwise happy and healthy-looking. “Here’s a video of the same time as the other. No runny nose, but 4 hours after the Karen video. Cheeks are still red because she has a pinkish tone to her skin and always has...”

Others pointed out that this mom was actually doing the right thing by not putting her daughter in a coat for such a quick trip. One user backed up the mom and wrote, “An educated mom knows running to the car with a child in a car seat without a coat is a SMART mom! Blankets in the car.. no coats needed!”

Another echoed, “These same Karens put their kids in their car seat with a coat on 🙄”

Experts now advise that parents do not put their kids in car seats wearing bulky winter coats. A winter coat can leave the harness too loose to be effective in a crash. Blankets and thinner jackets are recommended instead.

After the judgement comments kept coming in, the OP decided to put the debate of her parenting skills to rest. “This will be the last video about this situation,” she captioned a TikTok video of her daughter walking around outside on a different day sans coat. “I love my kids and my family.”

On the video, she writes and explains that the climate where they live can be tricky and just because snow is on the ground does not mean it’s freezing outside. She also finally lets TikTok users in on the fact that, like many kids, she refuses to wear her winter coat.

“If you live in Utah, you know just because there’s snow on the ground does not mean it’s freezing,” she wrote. “Also, do you see my husband holding blankets and coats? That’s because she refuses to wear it unless we are actually playing in the snow. I get your concerns. But I promise you, if it was freezing I would be holding her with a coat and blanket on.”

The surprising amount of judgmental and mom-shaming comments this mom had to go through is shocking considering I thought that every mom dealt with the never-ending battle of winter coating wearing with their kid. Sending solidarity to this mom who is doing her best!