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What Does Your Child’s Astrological Sign Say About Their Personality?

A celebrity astrologist breaks it down.

Written by Sharon Feiereisen
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When I was pregnant with my first, I crossed all my fingers and toes that he would be born July 23 or later, making him a Leo. A Leo, I thought, would make for a confident and assertive child, which in my mind, translated to being a good sleeper. Ultimately, my first was born July 19, making him a Cancer. Cancers are said to be emotional, which I thought for sure would leave me with endless sleepless nights — not so! Turns out Cancers are also highly intuitive, which is perhaps why when I implemented the Taking Cara Babies program, he took to it like a fish to water (though, admittedly, the SNOO didn't hurt either). It’s a fascinating thing to think about what your child’s astrological sign might say about their personality.

We all know that children have their own special traits, but babies are actually thought to start showing characteristics of their sun sign as soon as they're born. Not only are we talking about things like overall temperament but also minor quirks like how often a child coos or smiles. Of course, we want to be mindful of how we use astrology for children so as to not pre-assign characteristics, but it can nevertheless be a helpful guide as we try to navigate the wild ride that is motherhood.

"When I look at children's charts, I like to talk about them through the perspective of identifying themes and actions caregivers can take to allow their child to express different aspects of their personality," says Lauren DeGolia, a celebrity astrologer and clarity consultant.

With that in mind, whether you're about to be a first-time parent or already juggling a houseful of teens, here's what DeGolia says astrological signs may say about children's personalities.


"Aries kids don't hold back on sharing how they feel or what they're thinking. They may also act like they have ants in their pants 99% of the time and love physical activity. They have a little internal fire that needs to be expressed, and they face life head-on and unapologetically."


"Taurus kids love to explore different and unique foods and might have a sophisticated palate. They might prioritize bath time, indoor playtime, and technology time over going outside because it feels more comfortable and luxurious for them. Where most kids have a number of friends, Taurus kids tend to have fewer closer connections."


"You might find Gemini kids studying everything and everyone. They love a good trip to the library, bookstore, and circle time. They are the social butterflies of their classroom and know a little something about everyone and their likes/dislikes. These kiddos are friendly, highly communicative, and need to verbally express how they are feeling."


"When it comes to children with Cancer energy in their charts, you'll likely find sticking close to home. It's where they feel most secure in expressing themselves. These little souls have a strong connection to their intuition and are typically very empathetic. Cancer energy can also bring out their wittiness, humor, and sensitivity."


"Leo kids love to be the center of attention. They come packaged with a little more conviction and determination than the rest of the zodiac. If you have a kiddo with Leo energy in their chart, you might notice they love creativity and enjoy making everything a game. It's important to make them feel seen — especially emotionally. Their love language is validation."


"You might find Virgo kids organizing their toy boxes or grouping 'like toys' together. These kids love numbers and systems and figuring out what makes things work. Virgo energy in children brings out the love of playing chef, house, or any other imaginary role — anything that lets them serve others."


"Libra kids care most about what they wear and have a certain vibe to their style. They crave balance and really dislike conflict. These pint-sized little artists thrive at arts and crafts. They need to talk about their feelings... sometimes a lot. They can be more concerned about others than they are about themselves."


"Scorpio children are little detectives at heart. They're trying to connect the dots to how things in their inside world connect to their outside world. They appreciate a deeper connection with people than most kids; they don't want to let just anyone into their inner circle, and that might make them seem a little bit mysterious."


"Sagittarius kids love the free spirit life and are always down for an adventure. They might not want to be tied down to routine as much as other kids — [they] approach the structure of their life through the 'big picture.' Honesty is really important to them as it helps them create trust in all of their relationships."


"You might find Capricorn kids stepping into the teaching role early. They love to learn new things and share their newfound knowledge with everyone around them. They are typically older souls that come packaged with a lot of wisdom and insights, which makes them mature more quickly."


"Aquarius kids can present as one part rebel, one part truth-teller. It's important to let Aquarius children march to their own beat. They have their own way about them that makes them unique and maybe even a little eccentric. They are micro-technologists around us who are reprogramming things many adults can't figure out."


"You might find Pisces kids drawing, coloring, or playing dress-up. Their little feet don't always touch the ground because they're using their big imaginations to daydream about things much bigger than them. They love music and the arts and have a photographic memory that can astound you."

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