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Written In The Stars! 20+ Zodiac Names Based On Baby’s Astrological Sign

Ideas for your little constellation of perfection.

Written by Brianne Hogan
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A baby sleeps in a onesie covering in stars.
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When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your baby, there are many avenues you might want to explore, including everything from family to your favorite TV show to even looking to the stars for some inspiration. Astrology is a fun and fascinating self-discovery tool, and even if you don’t put a whole lot of stock in astrology, the zodiac, along with its connected planets and constellations, could offer some ideas on what to name your newborn.

It could be something as obvious as naming your baby boy Leo if he’s born underneath the lion sign. Or you might consider the name Archer, the symbol for a Sagittarius. Luna is another pretty name that’s perfect for a Cancer, which is ruled by the moon.

As you can see, there are a number of unique options when it comes to selecting zodiac names for your baby. Scroll the list below and decide which mystical name resonates best with you.



This is the most traditional birthstone associated with the easygoing and fun Gemini sign, and is not only thought to bring good luck but is often connected with the throat chakra, which helps with self-expression and creativity.



This name is perfect for your peaceful Pisces. Andromeda is the name of a fertility goddess who is also known as Anunitum or the Lady of the Heavens.



The archer is the symbol for Sagittarius, which reflects the sign’s deep desire for change, freedom, and travel. This is the perfect name for your little adventurer.



Virgos are symbolized by the maiden, which stands for beauty and purity. Corinna also means “maiden,” which is a delicate and elegant choice for your baby girl.



This brilliant green gemstone is one of the birthstones of Taurus season and is often thought to be connected with prosperity, wealth, and royalty, all things that a luxe and money-loving Bull craves.



This girl’s name couldn’t be more perfect for babies born into fire signs, because it literally means “fire.”



Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by two fish. Fisk, an English name, means “fish” and thus makes it a cute choice for your baby boy Pisces.



Got a Leo on the way? This gender-neutral name could be the name for your little one. Not only does it come with the coolest built-in nickname (“Griff”), but it also represents the mythological half-eagle, half-lion creature of the same name.



Everyone knows Crabs love their homes — they like having a sanctuary to retreat into. That makes this word name, which represents a safe harbor, an ideal option for babies born into Cancer.



Jasper is one of the birthstones associated with the fiery Aries season. A red stone, Jasper is believed to balance the passionate energy of the vivacious Ram and helps stabilize their impulsivity.



If the name Jupiter (see below) feels like too much of a mouthful for you, try Jovie. It’s short for Jupiter! Bonus: It’s the name of Zooey Deschanel’s amazing character in Elf.



The large planet, which represents growth, expansion, and luck, rules the sign of Sagittarius and has recently seen an uptick in the baby naming department for both boys and girls — including Ashley Tisdale’s daughter, who was born in 2021.



While this pretty girl’s name was popular in the 1970s and 1980s, its popularity has waned since then. However, it might be due for a comeback. Since it means “a Scorpio plant,” it might be the perfect name for your little Scorpion.



Meaning “one who hunts,” this historically masculine name has been leaning more gender-neutral with modern parents. We recommend considering it for your tiny “Archer.”



This name is perfect for your little leo. It has Irish roots and means “fire,” “fiery” or “small flame.” And if you're feeling extra bold with your name choices, feel free to give this moniker to your little girl.



Cancer is the only sign ruled by the moon and represents a magical connection to our emotions and our ability to tune into nature and the world around us. Since the name Luna is said to be the divine embodiment of the moon, it’s also a great choice for your little baby girl.



Another great gender-neutral name, Marley means “pleasant seaside meadow.” And while that doesn’t immediately tie to any particular zodiac sign, it makes a ton of sense for any of the earth signs.



The innovative and quirky sign of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Neptune, which represents ideals, inspiration, and spirituality. The planet itself was named after the Roman god of the sea, so is perfect for Aquarian babies, who are also represented by the Water-bearer.



This Ethiopian baby girl’s name means “mountain goat,” which is the symbol for Capricorn. Not only will your baby be the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), but the name also represents strength and perseverance.



This traditional yet unique feminine name is the birthstone of Libra. The white stone is thought to bring power and prosperity, and also represents justice and harmony — two traits that Libras are famous for.



This gorgeous blue stone is Virgo’s birthstone and is thought to bring inner vision and clarity, which is ideal for the busy and analytical Virgos who often need a little help deciding on which projects to focus on. Sapphire is also often associated with royalty — after all, it’s Kate Middleton’s engagement ring.



Leo is ruled by the sun, which explains their dazzling and sunny disposition. Because the sun doesn’t go retrograde, Leos are also known for their stability and loyalty. It’s a wonderful cute choice for your boy or girl who’s sure to put a smile on your face.



This orange-hued gemstone is associated with Scorpios and is believed to help with intellect and ward off negativity (since Scorpios can pretty deep into their feels). It’s a cute-yet-unique choice for a little boy or girl.



Venus, the planet of love, rules both Taurus and Libra. Both signs are known for their love of luxury, pleasure, and beauty. It’s a strong yet sensual choice for your little one.

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