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Tips For Parenting A Leo Child, Because It Can Be One Fierce Conundrum

Stock up your energy reserves while you can — you might have a little J.Lo or Jason Momoa on your hands.

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If your child was born between July 22 and August 23, then you have a little Leo on your hands. Leos are warm, fun-loving, infectious, and, well, a little selfish. Like every child, every astrological sign is unique and requires a special touch when it comes to guiding them. So, at some point (perhaps sooner rather than later), you may wonder how to parent a Leo child. Alas, parenting doesn't come with a handbook — but if it did, you might want to look to the stars to help navigate your relationship with your little one.

Whether you're an astrology buff or not, astrology is a great self-discovery tool to help you gain insight into your little one and how to parent in a way specific to their personality per their sun sign. So if you're looking for additional tips on parenting your little cub, see below on what to expect from your little Leo and how to help them flourish as their most ferocious self.

They crave attention... and love the drama.

There's a reason why so many huge superstars — think Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Charlize Theron — are Leos. They love being the center of attention and have a flair for the dramatic. Your little cub will grab the spotlight at every chance, whether in the classroom or at the dinner table. And because they love being popular (yes, you've got a popular kid on your hands), they probably relish spinning exaggerative tales and leaving people wanting more. What should you do with this little drama queen or king?

Because they have a creative side, it would be a good idea to give them an outlet where they can openly express themselves. It could be anything from dance to theater to singing lessons — something that they love and where they can shine.

Another tip is to be conscious of how much quality time you're giving your little Leo. Beneath their bravado, Leos can feel insecure, which is why they might get a little dramatic at times. How else can they get your attention? So, make sure you're carving out some one-on-one time with your child so they know you're available to them.

They're warm and loving... and a little selfish.

Leos are known for their warm hearts and compassionate nature. They're known as friendly and vivacious creatures who thrive in the company of others. After all, a lion's pack is known as its pride; they love and care deeply for their friends and family. It's a beautiful quality for your child to have and should be encouraged and supported by you regularly. You might say, "I really love your warm heart," or "You are so kind and friendly. I admire how you care so much about your family and friends."

At the same time, your little Leo can be a little selfish. Because they love to be the center of attention, they don't mind making everything about them. They might talk a lot about themselves, putting their needs first and not considering the feelings of others. They don't do this out of malice but rather from a lack of self-awareness.

That's why you must teach your little Leo the value of other people's feelings and empathy. In a social situation, you might remind your child to let their friend share a story or encourage them to share their toys, rewarding them when they do.

They're the leader of the pack... and competitive AF.

As the king (or queen) of the jungle, Leos naturally take charge. Your little cub is innately ambitious and knows how to get things done. Leadership is an outstanding quality, and because they thrive in it, Leos should definitely be encouraged to keep stepping up and going after what they want.

However, it's also equally vital for them to learn the value of teamwork. Teaching your little Leo about listening and learning from others is essential. Sign them up for organized activities with other kids and teach them how to encourage and support the victories of others.

They love being around others... and might struggle with alone time.

Like it or lump it, you have a little social butterfly on your hands. Expect your Leo child to be glued to their best friend's hip and want to do anything and everything with their buddies. Of course, socialization is crucial for your child's development and should be fostered. Still, your Leo should also learn to love their own company. But because Leos thrive on the energy of others — and being at the center of someone's attention — they struggle with alone time.

To help curb any co-dependency, you might consider signing them up for sports and activities solo. This allows you to support them to be independent and take risks on their own without the safety net (and validation) of their friends. Doing so will boost their confidence and teach them more self-reliance and acceptance.

They have an intrinsic taste for grandeur and a lavish lifestyle.

A Leo loves to be spoiled, and they have no problem spoiling themselves. No matter how old they are or what it is, whether it's grabbing the best spot on the couch or the prettiest pack of crayons, Leos do not cheat themselves, which can be a nice quality to have.

And although it’s important to support their preferences, it’s critical to do it within reason, so they don’t develop a selfish or insensitive personality.

Adventure calls their name.

Leo babies are super adventurous and known for diving off couches and jungle gyms or climbing out of their cribs. They tend to be more courageous than other signs and enjoy wandering off and exploring new surroundings and experiences, including trying new foods or making new friends.

Brianne Hogan is the author of two astrology books: Joy in the Stars and Friendship Signs.

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