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Mom’s Viral Video Of Her Filthy Kitchen Has The Internet Fuming At Her Husband

She was isolating upstairs (with their kid!) due to COVID for 7 days.

A woman is dealing with a lot of advice to divorce her husband after she posted video of what happen...
Hannah Misra / TikTok

Imagine being sick as a dog with COVID-19 along with your young son, isolating upstairs to not infect your husband who somehow skated by without contracting the highly contagious virus. Then, when you finally emerge seven days later, it’s to a completely destroyed house.

Not one dish was cleaned, not one counter was wiped, and not a single finger was lifted by your husband who had a nice little vacation from his family for a week. If you’re anything like me, you’d simply lose your mind and burn everything to the ground.

However, one woman took it all in stride, making a TikTok video about her cleanup process while not even acknowledging how her husband completely dropped the ball. But don’t worry — her TikTok followers made her well aware of his total lack of effort for his home and his family.

“What happened here? It’s been seven days since I cleaned my kitchen. In fact, it’s been that long since I stepped foot in it. My son and I got COVID while my husband somehow managed to avoid it. So we isolated on the top floor,” Hannah Misra begins in her now-viral video, seen over 3 million times.

She shows footage of a sink full of dirty dishes and trash all over the counters with not a surface covered in some sort of food or mess.

“The kitchen is so much worse than I could have imagined. I don’t even want to look in the sink. A huge part of me knows how bad it’s going to be because the entire kitchen smells like vinegar. That means there’s rotting food hidden somewhere,” she continued.

“I don’t want to know what these sticky substances are, because the second that I do, I just want to quit. I throw away this cup because there is no saving it and a huge part of me wants to feel shame over how the kitchen looks. The entire bottom of the sink is filled with old food.”

Instead of giving her husband major side-eye for this huge oversight, she begins to blame herself for the overwhelming mess.

“I can’t believe how disgusting things are, and I don’t know how I’m going to get rid of the smell, but I refuse to tear myself down over the state of this kitchen.”

OK, yes! She’s not going to beat herself up over this! She’s going to send her husband to the doghouse for literally not cleaning a single fork since the minute his wife tested positive for COVID-19, right? She’s going to walk right by that huge mess because, quite frankly, that’s none of her business, and head to a nice spa day, right?


Instead of giving her husband a piece of her mind, she makes excuses for why her kitchen is in the state it’s in — all of them have nothing to do with her husband who was healthy as an ox the entire time she was sick.

“Most days I was too exhausted to get out of bed, and when I could force myself off of it, it was to take care of my sick little one,” she said.

“When some of my symptoms started to get better, I was working every day. I also did the laundry and cleaned the entire top floor. Acknowledging what I was able to do doesn’t mean that I’m proud of how my kitchen looks. The smell alone told me how bad it was before I even saw it. But at the same time, I can also recognize I did the best that I could this week.”

Ma’am, no one is watching this video and shaming you for the state of your kitchen. Your husband on the other hand...

“Um… what was he doing?” one person asked.

“Husband somehow avoided cleaning the kitchen too 🙄,” another noted.

“So he didn’t clean???” a follower questioned.

“Girl. The conversation my husband and I would be having. A WEEK?!?” another noted.

“What did your husband do?” one person asked.

Misra replied, “He brought us food. Medicine. Walked the dogs. Worked. Ft’ed with me so I’d feel less alone. And tried to clean. He wasn’t perfect, but I’m often not either. 💛”

Sure, he did some stuff to help, but the internet was not happy with that response. Let’s be real — if the roles were reversed, this guy would be isolated upstairs alone. She’d be downstairs with the sick kid, wearing a mask, and doing all that he did plus making sure food wasn’t rotting in the sink.

One mom wrote, “I promise you it’d so much better once you leave. It’s hard at first but it’s 10x less work.”

“It probably would be less physical work. But he has helped me and loved me through some of my hardest moments. It doesn’t excuse the lack of cleaning, but he’s showed up in other ways,” Misra wrote.

Another wanted to reassure the OP that the mess in the kitchen had absolutely nothing to do with her.

“Oh, this is NOT your fault, do NOT feel shame for this. I can’t imagine getting over Covid and having to immediately clean a kitchen that hasn’t been touched in a week when my husband was healthy 😭,” they wrote.

Misra replied, “I appreciate you reminding me the unhealthy and insidious nature of shame. ♥️And the empathy for what a stressful experience that was.”

After a barrage of comments with essentially the same message: your husband totally dropped the ball here, she finally admitted that, yes, he did.

“You deserve so much more in your teammate,” one user said.

The OP replied, “I appreciate you reminding me of my worth ♥️but I don’t share his story because it’s not mine to tell. We’ve both been through a lot. We’re both growing. But you’re right he should have done better 💕”

Another user commented, “I hope someone takes care of you the way you take care of everyone else. You deserve that level of care, relaxation and security ♥️”

Then Misra replied with some deeper insight that might help explain why she seemed totally unfazed about the state of her kitchen after COVID.

“Thank you ♥️I didn’t grow up with it. I haven’t seen it for others. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen, just that I don’t know what that’s like ♥️,” she wrote.

In a follow-up video, where Misra explains some more details about her background, she said, “I’m still trying to figure out what’s normal, what expectations I should have of myself and of others...”

Baby steps, for sure! And at the very least, Misra has an entire side of the internet ready to have her back.