This Mom Recommends Sending Husbands Into Baby Clothing Resale Shops To Get More Cash

People in the comments couldn't believe how much he got.

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This mom hacked the children's clothing resale system by sending her husband in to sell the clothes ...
Scarlett Johanson / TikTok

Reselling can be a headache. I don’t understand how some people resell for their full-time jobs (and make a good living doing so!). It takes patience and so much delayed gratification.

However, some moms out there wouldn't mind making a quick buck from all those cute baby overalls they’ve accumulated throughout the years. Instead of dropping them off at a local thrift store, some parents attempt to resell the clothes to consignment stores like Once Upon A Child.

One mom has hacked the system when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck at places like Once Upon A Child — send your husband in to sell the clothes instead.

Scarlett Johanson heard a rumor on TikTok that if you send your husband into a children’s resale shop to sell clothes, he’ll come out with more cash than if she did the same. She decided to put this theory to the test.

“Alright, so I saw a TikTok where if you send your husband in you're more likely to get some money. So here we go we have two totes full and I'm gonna have him go in create an account and see if he does better than I normally do because very curious about this,” she began.

After a few moments, he comes back with a check. Johanson inquires about the amount, and Johanson is flabbergasted.

“$127. That's right. I overshot your expectations. You're welcome,” her husband jokes.

Johanson fires back, “Even when I sold like 10 pairs of shoes last time and a bunch of clothes only got 90 bucks. So what's the conclusion? Send your husbands and ladies.”

Some people in the comment section were also shocked at this reselling hack.

“That’s insane! I have NEVER gotten over $100!!! 87 was the most I’ve got,” one user wrote.

“I’ve never gotten more than $25 from OUAC 😅 Our location is constantly refusing lots of items because they have too many clothes,” another said.

One mom noted that after an at reselling, she gave up, writing, “I honestly just end up giving away clothes and shoes to moms that need it. I hate feeling cheated. After I tried once I said nope never again.”

One mom offered up some alternatives to resale shops that may not shell out much cash for clothes.

“That is why I resell my kids items on platforms like FB Marketplace, Mercari, Poshmark and DePop — Once Upon a Time gives you pennies on the dollar for your items 😣,” they said.

“They lowball me every time I give clothes, toys, I gave them a baby gate I bought over $100 from Walmart. They gave me 25 dollars lmaoooo,” another noted.

Why did this even happen? There are some obvious theories like the consistently low bar society sets for men, especially dads. This dad walks into a resale shop with a bunch of clothes from his kids, friendly and hopeful.

“Wow, what a great dad,” the resale shop workers think to themselves as they sift through his bundle, giving him twice as much cash per item. Sounds like all these viewers need to try and send their husbands, dads, brothers, male coworkers, etc. into these shops instead! They might come out with a big check!

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