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The Internet Cannot Handle This Wife Making Nachos For Her Picky Husband

He refused to eat the first dinner she made.

TikTok mom, Brianna, is catching some heat after posting a video of herself making nachos for her hu...
TikTok / @themamabrianna

A large number of parents have lived with a picky toddler — and at points have had to resort to second, third, or even fourth meal options for their kid who suddenly thinks dino nuggets are “yucky.”

It can feel like you’re a made-to-order chef — even if you’ve done everything to expand their food likes. And while, yes, it can be wildly annoying to have to cook several dinners for a picky toddler, moms can reconcile that with the notion that they’re still learning and growing. They are toddlers with undeveloped taste buds going through a picky phase.

So, now take that same scenario and apply it to a full-grown man.

TikTok mom Brianna is catching some heat after posting a video of herself making nachos for her husband. In the clip, Brianna grates cheese while text overlaying on the video explains, “My husband didn’t eat the dinner that I made…”

She then pours some chips into a dish while the text reads, “So let’s make him some nachos.”

As she continues to work on the nachos for her husband, her text explains, “if I don’t feed him he literally won’t eat.”

Instead of putting that blame on her adult husband, Brianna’s caption on the viral video places the blame on his mom. “Moral of the story: always serve your kids allllll the food, even if they say they don’t like it after the first time. 25 years from now your child’s spouse will thank you,” she wrote.

“This used to irritate me. Now, I just blame his mother for never making him try salmon,” she says, hopefully in jest.

The last shot in the video — which really was the cherry on top of a wild ride of a video — Brianna hands her husband — who is sitting on the couch, snuggled in a blanket — the dish of nachos.

The irony of the song “Mother” by Meghan Trainor playing in the background while all this goes down is also a nice touch.

To no one’s surprise, the internet had some thoughts about the clip, which now has almost half a million views. Several TikTok users commented on the dynamic between this couple, noting that this man’s behavior reminds them of a child.

“The way you just served him in his blankie on the couch 😳,” one user wrote.

“I serve breakfast like this every morning for my 3 yo son, on the couch with a blanket and all 💀,” another said.

Another said, “He is an adult… time to stop blaming mommy. 😅”

One user wrote, “Nah he can make himself a pb&j.”

Several wives chimed in noting that if their husband refused to eat a meal they labored over, that would be the end of that. “If my man refused to eat a dinner I made him, I’d never cook for him again,” one user wrote.

Another echoed, “If my husband came home after I cooked dinner and told me he wasn’t eating it to make something else I’d laugh in his face.”

Some users, however, felt that people needed to lay off Brianna and her husband, noting that maybe she wanted to do this act of service for her husband.

After thousands of comments, Brianna posted a follow-up video where she doubles down on her kitchen duties. In the clip, she takes a bowl of macaroni and cheese over to her husband as he lays on the couch, once again, wrapped in a blanket with a gaming controller and iPad nearby.

“I have never gotten such a visceral ick in my life,” one person wrote.

“That’s a full grown iPad baby,” another said.

If Brianna did not make her husband nachos and macaroni and cheese, would this man just not eat food and starve to death? Is he recovering from surgery and cannot physically make himself his own meals? What kind of example is this setting for their kids?

Some TikTok users are convinced this entire series is just satire because there is no way their dynamic is real. “At this point these videos must be for engagement because idk how anyone types these captions without dying of shame and embarrassment,” they wrote.

And while that’s unclear, it is clear that Brianna’s husband is fed and warm.