A Mom Was Body-Shaming Her Daughter In A Dressing Room. This Woman Stepped In.

“I approached another mom in public about her mothering yesterday.”

@murphy_without_the_y / TikTok

A woman shared her experience confronting a mom on her parenting after overhearing a concerning conversation in a dressing room. TikTok user @murphy_without_the_y posted a video, sharing that she approached a mom, leaving them both with some “ruffled feathers.”

So, what exactly was the cause for concern? The mom was making some passive-aggressive comments to her daughter about her body. The interchange was hard for the OP to hear.

“I approached another mom in public about her mothering yesterday, and I wouldn’t say I’d recommend it in the future. We both left with some ruffled feathers, but hear me out,” she begins in her video.

“I was trying on clothes and next to me there was a mom and a 20-something-year-old looking woman and the conversation was a little like, the mom said, ‘I think I’m just used to you looking thinner.’”

That’s when the daughter explained to her mom that she had been lifting weights, seemingly explaining why she might look less trim and more built with muscle.

“‘I think it’s just my taste. I like thin, long hair,’” the OP imitates.

The daughter then replied, “I’m still thin, Mom.”

The mom responded, in a dismissive tone, “Yeah, you are.”

The OP continued, “And I was so appalled. I felt like it warranted interjection. Mothers of the world: be proud of your daughters when they are lifting weights and getting stronger and their muscles are getting bigger. Or you could just go suck a very thin d**k.”

In her caption, she wrote, “I did it for the 12yo little sister watching,” seemingly implying that there was a much younger, more impressionable girl there, witnessing this cringey interchange.

In the OP’s comments section, several women shared their gratitude for her stepping in, while also sharing their own generational trauma of moms who just could not (and still won’t) get over the idea of their daughters not being “thin.”

“As a daughter who had a mother like that thank you for saying something. It feels nice when a stranger sticks up for you,” one user wrote.

“HAHAHAHA the ending. I’m 41 and my mom is still obsessed about weight-Hers, mine, everyone else’s too,” another wrote.

Another said, “I’m 45 and everytime I see my mother she always comments about my weight”

“My mom has been this way for 34 years and I’m still working on my relationship with my body and food,” one user admitted.

One user shared, “Trying om wedding dresses my mother said it’s shame I’m so fat. I was a regular size 6. My MIL told her I was beautiful & perfect & to be quiet lol.”

Another said, “I had a baby 5 months ago and me losing the baby weight seems to be the only compliment certain people know how to give…🤷🏻‍♀️”

The OP replied, “Our moms can often become our inner minds. I’m sorry yall had that type of relationship but good job trying to be better 🥰”

Several users wanted more details on how the conversation between herself and the mom actually went down.

“I need to hear how this interaction went lol! Good for you. Our mothers become our inner voice,” one user wrote.

The OP explained, “They do! I ran into the mom and little sister at another store a few min later and said, ‘hey I was next to yall at A&F and I hope you weren’t telling your daughter that she needed to be thinner ... I probably could’ve approached it better but I was a little worked up.”

Other users recommend that the OP mind her own business either because they think she’s being rude or because she’s wasting her breath on a mom who clearly is set in her ways.

So maybe they’re right. Maybe that mom who is bothered over her daughter having some muscle won’t change and will always “prefer” thin, but you can bet that the daughter and her little sister will remember that moment and appreciate the stranger who stood up for her.