Penn Badgley Just (Sort Of) Revealed Season 3 Of 'You' Is Coming

by Christina Marfice

Joe Goldberg’s story definitely isn’t ending with the finale of You Season 2

For everyone who has already binged the second season of Netflix’s twisty, creepy stalker series You (*author raises hand*), there’s good news: Penn Badgley may have just sort of confirmed a third season is on the way.

Badgley, who stars in the series as Joe Goldberg/Will Bittenheim (and maybe Dan Humphrey, according to a popular fan theory), was sitting down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight when he was asked about Victoria Pedretti’s character, Love Quinn.

“Dare I say, I think in the third season,” he replied before he caught himself, stopped, and rolled his eyes. “Oh, God.”

He tried to save himself, saying, “I literally know nothing about the third season. I’m not the person that can say anything official.”

But considering the massive success of both seasons of You since they started streaming on Netflix, and the cliff-hanger ending of the second season, we don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to assume a third season will come. We already know that Caroline Kepnes, the author of the books the series is based on, is already working on a third and fourth book, so the source material for Season 3 is in the works. All that remains to find out is whether we’ll have to wait until Kepnes completes a third book before production on a third season begins, or if we’ll have a Game of Thrones sort of situation, where the author and the TV writers work alongside one another. You the TV show has stuck fairly closely to the major plotlines of the book series, despite some changes to certain characters and events.

Now we’re just left to wonder what the third season may be about. The second season and the second book ended on similar notes — Joe has told Love all about his past and his misdeeds, and she’s accepted him and revealed she’s pregnant. In the Netflix series, she’s even begun killing herself. Forty is dead, but Joe has been accepted into Love’s mega-rich family. While at the end of the second book, he’s in jail after the police begin piecing together evidence of all his crimes in New York (remember that jar of, um, DNA he left at Peach Salinger’s house?), the show gives Joe a happier end to the second installment: He and pregnant Love are moving into a house together. Still, his eye is clearly wandering, and he peeks through the fence at his book-loving new next door neighbor with his now classic line: “Hello, you.”

Whatever happens in Season 3, the fans will be along for the ride, because even though he’s a murderous creep, you just can’t help but root for Joe.