These Pics Of People Lining Up To Vote Today Will Give You Hope

Image via Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The Midterm elections are finally here, and there’s only one thing that everyone agrees on: we are so, so freaking ready to vote

It’s November 6, the date of the midterm elections and two full years since Trump’s 2016 election upset, even though it kind of seems like it’s been a lot longer. Emotions have run high over the last month, with the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, a cluster of horrific domestic terrorism acts, and a caravan of immigrants slowly making its way to our Southern border.

Now, it’s finally time for individual citizens to act, in a year when it has often felt like we’re helpless and hopeless. From coast to coast, both Republicans and Democrats are headed to the polls — some before dawn — to get their voice heard and cast their vote.

Let’s check in around the country and get a look at some of the lines (and moments) that are shaping up already today.

It’s a three-hour wait currently in Charleston, Virginia

The rain isn’t stopping these voters

“This is democracy,” says the woman who snapped this memorable shot.

Comedian “Mrs. Betty Bowers” reports an act of kindness in her precinct

Near West Palm Beach, Florida, lines are long and diverse

People are reporting the longest lines they’ve ever seen — and more diversity than usual.

Some lines aren’t as horizontal as others

Voters report that they are climbing four stories of stairs at one Illinois polling place.

The Millennials are voting in Washington, DC

Or maybe they’re just confused about what this line is for.

In Birmingham, Alabama, lines were long as early as 7 AM

In Arlington, Virginia, the line is snaking for the first time in years

Matt Rogers added: “UPDATE: By noon, over 1250 voters voted at this precinct. In 2017: 1,575 (total). In 2016: 2,130 (total).”

In Austin, Texas, this guy will try again later

Evan Rivera is treating his responsibility to vote seriously, but it’s still hard. This is why we should have time off from work to vote, TBH.

Absolutely nothing will deter comedian Andy Richter

In Milwaukee, lines are longer than beer lines

And in Milwaukee, that’s saying a lot.

In Glenside PA, a voter reports the longest line he’s seen since 1989

In Indiana, lines were extremely long before it was even light outside

In Chicago, even early voting lines were long

And In New York City, people are reporting “Obama Levels” of voting

Remember: if you’re in line by the time the polls close, you have a right to vote! And if you’re stuck for a long time and feeling hungry? Order a free pizza.

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