From The Confessional: My Periods Are More Of A B*tch As I Get Older

by Cassandra Stone
My Periods Are More Of A B*tch As I Get Older

Periods don’t just “go away” as we get older, and for many people in these confessions they only get worse

Periods are such a pain, literally. From the time we first get them all the way through adulthood and middle age, they’re absolutely miserable monthly experiences for many people. These confessions truly highlight the struggle many of us have as we battle our periods as we age.

According to gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter, period changes are common as we age. Heavy periods can simply be heavy or they may be associated with increased cramping. The transition into perimenopause (usually after the age of 40) can cause subtle changes in bleeding.

Irregular ovulation during perimenopause can lead to heavy irregular periods. Other medical conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome can also cause periods that are irregular and heavier than usual. Blood thinners, such as coumadin, and copper I.U.D.s can also cause heavier periods for some women.

H gets frustrated when I get my period because I don't do period sex. Oh, I'm sorry spontaneous bleeding from my genitals is bothering you. I'm the one dealing with bleeding, mood swings, bloating, and cramps- but you really have a reason to complain.

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The first two nights of my period are so heavy that I sleep on top of a towel with a trash bag under it so that I don’t leak onto my bed

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Yeah, these aren’t just minor, slightly bloody inconveniences. Periods — even in your thirties and forties — can feel like your insides are waging a full-on war with your outsides.

Night Sweating so much on my period. Husband said our bed now smells like a sour piece of cheese

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Imagine if cis men had to deal with the onslaught of pain, bloating, cramps, headaches, fatigue, and the outpouring of blood for a whole week (or more) every month. IMAGINE.

As if having covid symptoms isn't bad enough, now my period decides to join the party. Can I just drop dead now?

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Periods should be canceled during the pandemic, please and thanks.

Finally get a week unscheduled. Perfect time for my kid to get a stomach virus and my period to hit hard. Fml.

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1 week after my period and I swear I HATE everyone today and everything. Why are my hormones up and down all the time. No reason no timing, just whatever. Being 39 blows for hormonal bs and acne- wth is that all about?

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Today is hell day, AKA day 2 of my period. It's been 37 years since I got my first period, that's almost 450 hell days! I've spent way over a year of my life in hell. When the fuck is menopause going to get here already!?!

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Getting to the period-free phase of life is absolutely no picnic. Menopause can be murder on the hormones and pure physical hell for many people. But the reward of absolutely no periods ever again? WHY CAN’T THERE BE AN EASIER WAY TO GET TO THAT UTOPIA?

My periods are so heavy that I have to wear Depends. Yay menopause!

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My period decided to erupt like a volcano yesterday during Christmas dinner with my husband's side of the family. Got all over my expensive jeans. Didn't bring any extra clothes or pads. It always starts in the AM, never in the PM. WTF period.

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It’s also common for PMS to get worse as we get older — add in kids, job stress, exhaustion, finance woes, and marital issues and it’s a wonder more of us don’t end up on Snapped, tbh.

A lot of confessions highlighted how their doctors have helped them get through PMS and periods every month.

I take Prozac between the time I ovulate to my period starting. Doc wrote me prescription, said PMS rage is a lot more common than one would think. Ask your doc about that, it changed my life.

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I take Prozac for the time between ovulation and my period. Works like a charm.

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I'm pretty sure I have some sort of PMS disorder. I feel like such shit every month and my periods last for 2 weeks and are very painful. It has finally broken me this morning. I can't put up with this for 20 to 30 more years....

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It’s the definition of “unfair” that so many of us still feel raging hormones (and just plain rage, lol) during PMS and menstruation, even if we’ve been bleeding every month for decades.

At the age of 40 I now understand why women feel like they want to smack their husbands during PMS. My DH is annoying as fuck on his best day, but factor in extreme hormonal swings and I am ready to murder him.

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I'm at that part of my monthly cycle where I cannot stand the sound of my family's voices. I think that if I'm going to be afflicted with PMS every month, they should get a severe case of laryngitis to go with it. Oh and some self-reliance.

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Oh, and in addition to husbands, jeans are the mortal enemy of the menstruating person. Elastic waistbands ONLY, please.

Worse periods, cramps, PMS, and weight gain? So, this is 30? I want my money back and my size 4 jeans while we're at it.

Confessional #22295105

I didn't know bleeding gums was part of PMS in my 30's. Both dentist and OB/GYN confirmed it's normal. DH is getting thigh zits and ass hair in his 30's. I really wish this was discussed when we were kids! Wrinkles are the least of my concerns.

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If you can relate to any of these confessions, hang in there. And enjoy some junk food and yoga pants while you’re at it.