The Internet Is Divided Over This Pickles And Peanut Butter Recipe

by Jerriann Sullivan
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New York Times: Try pickles and peanut butter together

The New York Times has set the internet ablaze this week after it championed an unconventional sandwich recipe: peanut butter and pickles. Sure, the paper is typically covering important news, but the world’s been a dumpster fire since Election Night 2016 so let’s hear these journalists out.

First, the original tweet that started all the drama:

While the Times shared this quirky post on Friday, the “recipe” was originally posted in 2012. It’s not quite a recipe since it only includes four ingredients: two slices of your favorite bread, butter, peanut butter, and bread-and-butter pickles. It takes about 90 seconds to make, and Times Book Critic Dwight Garner promises it’s “a thrifty and unacknowledged American classic.”

Apparently, this is his favorite sandwich. So, bro isn’t just advocating for something a little interesting, he’s committed to it. “The vinegary snap of the pickles tempers the unctuousness of the peanut butter, and it’s an unusual pantry sandwich for when luncheon meats leave you cold,” the Times wrote.

More than 800 people shared their thoughts on the peanut butter pickle scandal on Twitter alone.

Lots of people loved the concept:

And this NYT reporter even upgrades his peanut butter and pickle sammies.

Some like the idea but don’t want a whole sandwich.

Several folks wondered if there was a reason behind this specific craving.

But, like me, lots of other folks were just a resounding NOPE.

My husband would eat this in a second as he puts pickles on all kinds of snacks, but I’m going to stick with the classic PB&J.

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