Um, We Just Found Out That Pink's Daughter Willow Has An Incredible Voice

by Christina Marfice

Pink’s 9-year-old daughter, Willow, just showed she can easily follow in her famous mom’s footsteps

We love watching famous kids grow up. Even better if it’s a kid like Pink’s 9-year-old daughter, Willow, who stays largely out of the spotlight, making us cherish every glimpse we get 0f the sweet kiddo. Apparently, though, it seems that Willow’s days of hiding from the spotlight are over — she joined her mom for a duet on last night’s Disney Family Singalong special, and you guys, Willow can freaking sing.

We know we shouldn’t be surprised by this, considering who her mom is. But when Willow joined Pink for a duet of “The Christmas Song” and belted out her verse, our jaws hit the floor. Here, see for yourself.

The song starts off with Pink singing the first couple verses, until she holds the microphone, her eyes absolutely brimming with love and pride, and lets Willow take on the bridge.

Was that powerful voice actually coming from a 9-year-old’s body? We can honestly hardly believe it. She belts like a trained grownup twice her size. And we are super here for it. The entire internet suffered a simultaneous breakdown over how big Willow has gotten, and what an absolutely incredible voice Pink’s daughter has.

For real, though, when can we get Willow’s holiday album? I’d buy that right now. And if Pink wanted to join her daughter for a few more duets, well, we doubt anyone would complain. They sound great together, and clearly had the best time sharing the stage for this holiday special.

We were also thrilled to see that Willow is still rocking her short hair look, which she debuted earlier this year (in the pre-pandemic times) when she paired a half-shaved head with a Cinderella dress at Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. At the time, Pink called her girl a “punk rock princess,” and the love and support between these two is just so obvious and strong.

In quarantine, Willow has been staying busy by making masks for herself and her family, which Pink proudly shared on her Instagram. “She’s pretty proud of herself for making something from scratch from an old Billy Idol t-shirt I gave her, for taking her health into her own hands,” the singer wrote.

Clearly at least some of the family’s time in quarantine has been spent making music, though. Now that we’ve seen what Willow can do, here’s hoping she starts making musical appearances alongside her mom more often.